December 24, 2011

5 bottles of Coke Poduct for free

Till Tuesday 27th you can score free five bottles of 2 L Coke products. Print 2 coupons for Coke Zero on Facebook page HERE (it is 0.99) and take it to Harris Teether. There is promotion Buy 2 bottles and Get 3 FREE. So buy 2 coke zero (used 2 coupons which double) and you choose 3 bottles whatever you like. So, even we dont drink Coke Zero I got 2 bottles Lemonade and one Sprite. Coke Zero will go to my friend who likes it. So, eveybody will be happy and all is free.......

Merry Christmas

Wish you all Merry Christmas and Happy New year.
Come back for another great deals on Savingblogs.

December 7, 2011

Target $10 giftcard on $50 purchase

Again great coupon spend $50 and get $10 giftcard and again only till Saturday 10th.....
So, HERE is the coupon. You can bring also receipt from past and they should give you gift card.

December 6, 2011

Bread Crumbs better then FREE

Here is great coupon to print not only you will have free breadcrumbs, but can have some money overage, specialy if you can print it multiple times.... Thanks Homemakingmom. I did it in Fort Mill Walmart and Bread Crumbs are $1.47 so after coupon you have $1.50 towards something else.....
Also Walmart has christmas gift sets $10 olay you can use $1 of body wash coupon and send rebate for $9 back. Make sure you find package with Allure magazine advertisment on top of the box.

November 29, 2011

Home Depot and Lowes Kids Workshops

You can find all info HERE. Thanks Moneywisemoms.

November 22, 2011

Bath & Body Works FREE Gift with $10 Purchase

Take this coupon for Free item (up to $13) with any purchase in store or online from Bath&Body Works website.

November 17, 2011

Lowes November 19 Santa project

We love to do this projects in Lowes. This Saturday is good one. Don't need to sign up come early that you can get one. It is start from 10-11 on Saturday. HERE is more info.

November 15, 2011

Jackets from 15.99 Macy's

Here is more info about this deal. Thanks Domesticallysimple.

November 10, 2011

Free Coffee and Croutons

McDonald in Rivergate shopping center offer free any size coffee till Nov 13.

In Harris Teeter till Nov 15 you can get FREE New York Style Croutons with this coupon. Print HERE. You can print 2 from one computer.

November 7, 2011

HT super double last chance

I found info on this coupons and want to share with you. You can print 2 from one computer.
If you print these they are free still till tomorrow in HT.
Heinz ketchup regular is free (i got Heinz simple which cost me after coupon only $1.18 great price for this kind)
Ore-Ida 1 off = Free they are BOGO so free fries
Duncan Glaze1 off = Free
Mont's Apple Juice 100% Natural 1 off = 0.99 (happy about this one)

Here is the website just go to coupon savings.
Happy shopping.

November 4, 2011

HT Free Turkey!

Check your e-vic mail some people receive FREE frozen Turkey on their e-vic special.
This week is Super Double you can get good deal check Homemakingmom,
Southernsavers for coupons and deals.
Have great weekend.

October 27, 2011

HT and Bi-lo week 10/25-11/1

There is slow week in Bi-lo and HT here are few deals.
Johnsville Italian Sausage 2.99 (Sunday newspaper .50 make it 1.99)
Carolina Pride hod dogs BOGO .50 coupon made it .50
Tostinos pizza $1 each after 1 off coupon on 4 and 1 e-coupon Bi-lo make it 4/2

Dr.Oedker pizza Ristorante BOGO (2 off from last Sunday newspaper) make it 0.59 also you can print 1 off HERE under zip 23234 and you can get raincheck and use next week in HT for Super Double will cost you 0.59.
Beef Roast is for $1.29 pound

Next week is SD in HT.
You can like it Wholly Guacamole on Facebook and print coupon for $1 off it is always cheap on SD in HT.

October 25, 2011

Aldi good deal till Sunday

My Aldi (on Hwy 49, Charlotte) have good week on some produce.

They have standard low prices for mushrooms $1.29, carrots $1.19, apples $2.99, celery 0.99

But this week you can find cauliflower for 0.99, grapes said 2.99 but ring for 2.69, pineapple 1.29, pears 1.99 for 3lb, red potatoes 1.99 per 5lb, whole cabbage for 0.69.

Also I found Germany sauerkraut in jar, which does contain only natural stuff. (all the other has all that preserves in them) it was 1.59.

You can not beet this prices for produce. I know is not organic or local, but all is produce made in USA. I hear that all store (Aldi, HT, BI-lo...) buy their produce in Columbia warehouse, so it is coming from the same source just for different money for costumers. But i have to say that for example Harris Teeter, has this week greens (mustard, collar, turnips) for 0.99 and it is local and it taste great.

My rules of produce is seasonal. I don't buy grapes out of season or when is coming from Mexico I wait when is the season here. So, now grapes,apples, pears, oranges taste great. I don't buy now tomatoes or strawberries they coming from Canada (in Aldi).
Prices may vary in different stores.....

October 24, 2011

Mascara for 0.07 shipped

This morning i try this deal (really need new mascara) and it works perfect. Go to sign in account. Choose Great Lash mascara for 3.84(choose color) and then apply code TGT75HFN. It told me that code cannot apply. I hit continue and it takes me automatically to page said 0.00 and next said 0.07 (tax) and shipped to home address.

HERE is more info. Thanks

October 23, 2011

HT till Tuesday eggs for 0.14

If you plant to shop in Harris Teeter this week, they have couple of good deals.

You can get Davison Safest Choice Eggs for 0.14. They are BOGO, so you can print two coupons and buy two cartons. In case they are out even better get Raincheck and you can use it whenever you need eggs. Print coupon HERE.

Also HT has Buy 2 get 3 Del Monte corn and green beans cans. If you buy 10 cans, you pay for 4 cans $5.50 and in register it will get $2 instant off, so means you pay $3.50 for 10 cans veggies. If you don't need them, donate them, our church pantry love to have cans veggies.

Blue Diamond almond are BOGO they are for 2.99. Also Blue Almond crackers are BOGO for 3.49. In HT flayer is information about catalina, which print for you after it print your receipt. So, if you have 1/2 coupon for can of almonds and 1/2 crackers (two or three weeks ago newspaper) you can get all this for $4.50 and it will print $4 back. ( I buy natural almond and it works as well, so looks like catalina print of on different kinds as well.)

If they are out, get raincheck and looks like it is going to be super double first week of November, so you get it even cheaper. Catalina will print till November 6.

If you have some questions, please write me comment I will be happy to help.

Have bless Sunday

October 17, 2011

October 12, 2011

Bi-lo, HT, Target deals week 10/12

Lately, I feel like it is hard to find some good deal on anything. So, lets share what we all find in groceries stores.
Bi-lo: Today i sign for e-coupons on their website. I like e-coupons in HT because you can combine it with normal coupon. I want to buy Gogo yougurt natural for kids they are 2/4 There is 0.75 and 0.50 e-coupon so pair it with 0.85 /2, so total should be $1.10 for two boxes.
Also Bratch candies are $1 should be free with 0.50 coupon from newspaper. Hersley snack size candies are $3 and e-vic is $1 off plus if you have some candies coupons will be ok deal.
In HT e-vic coupon is 1 off swanson broth plus there is coupon in Sunday paper for $1 so it will be 0.50 for bigger box of chicken broth. HT has feta cheese and HT shredded BOGO. Also Wolfgang Puck pasta sause is 2.99. So, with last Sunday coupon plus evic coupon will cost 0.99.
I want to try today in Target scenario, which Homemakingmom tried. Need to go Target anyway, so why not get some stuff for free. Here is LINK.
So, my weekly shoping will be in Aldi for produce and Target for the rest this week.
Let me know if you find something interesting this week.

October 6, 2011

Payless Shoes B1 Get second 1/2 off plus 20% off

I go to find some shoes for my boy today. It is good time, they have promotion Buy One Get second 50% off plus there is 20% coupon you can print HERE.
If you don't have Payless close to you, you can order it online and get shipped. Shipping to store is free.

September 26, 2011

Cheap kids vitamins in Target and overage in Walmart

Here is good deal for Disney Kids vitamin thanks Coupongeek.
Also I was in Walmart this morning need some stuff and try that "magic" coupon what people talk about. 6/2 for Shick disposal razors. I bought 2 10 packs razors for 1.97 so it gave me overage 1.50. In case you shopping in Walmart or need something from there HERE bring this coupon with you and get something you need for that difference. But I have to tell when i was walking around the store I just realized how much i don't like this store. Oh I am so thankful that i don't have to shopping there often. Sorry Walmart, I just don't like you.

September 21, 2011

Saturday workshop for kids

Kids are doing cute project in Lowes this Saturday 9/24.

More info HERE.

September 20, 2011

We are back

Hello we are after two months back. Summer was awesome can not wait till next year.
I managed to go to Aldi yesterday and Harris Teeter. I feel like such new couponer. I use 7 coupons and pay $27. That never happened while it is triple.:)
It is going to be hard to go back to coupons. I also want to try new strategy for our food budget. Stay tune we can save together. If you have some saving tips write me in comments and I will be glad to post it. Have great day.

August 1, 2011

Blogging break till September 20th

I am in Slovakia now, so I am not available to post. Please come back to my blog and check awesome "the best saving blogs" online on my blogroll. They will save you a lot of money with great deals outhere.
I see you in September. Have great summer.

July 7, 2011

July 1, 2011

Aldi produce shopping pay $22

This week after checking local produce stand I end up in Aldi. This what I bought for $22.

(2lb packs of plums, nectarine, peaches were only $1.38 each, candalope 0.59, strawberry 0.99.....)

For Aldi you have to check with yours, when they have new truck coming and go that day. That is guarantee they will be not out of stuff you need. Also they have Merlot for $2.69 wine lovers can get good deal too.
Happy 4 of July weekend, have fun.

June 29, 2011

Free Goldfish Crackers in HT

I print this coupons while back and was waiting for sell.

So, this week start today Harris Teeter has them for $1 so with THIS printable you can get them free. You can print 2 from one computer. If they are out get Raincheck and you can pick it up ather time you shop in HT.....

June 25, 2011

Free Movie codes

I never pay for movie anymore. There are always free codes, these one are good till Monday. I tried first two and works great. So, you can get free movie for you or kids.
Great about BlockbusterExpress is that you can order movie online and use code online too. Redbox start to be more tricky about it.
So, enjoy it.
Thanks Jenny from Southernsavers.


Find kiosk near you.

June 23, 2011

Old Navy Sale $2 Tanks

This weekend, Old Navy will be having another one of their hot sales!

June 22, 2011

Harris Teeter SD paid $4.90

Super Double start today. I went morning with kids and a lot of stuff was already missing.
So, this is what i come up with. Paid $4 plus 0.90 tax.
You can find printable coupon for this Super Double on Roxanna website Homemakingmom.
Other coupons I use were from Sunday paper. I order Danonino and Danimals coupon, because our area had coupon 1 on 2 product instead of one. Lauging Cow coupon I found in my Gym. Happy about Reynolds foils, we start to grill a lot, so it will come handy.
You can check it out, which paper contains what coupons on HCW database where you can enter name of coupon and it will tell you which insert it is. Really helpful tool it save you a lot of time to flip every paper you have.
How did you do this SD?

June 19, 2011

Free movies from Blockbuster express till 6/20

You can rent free movie today or tomorrow with these codes.
It works i tried 2 of them today.If you want to rent two do separately, I don't think it will take two codes in one transaction.
Thanks Rebecca form CHMF.

Here are the codes:
79JBHS3, 56BACC9, 81RRAP4, 92ASJA3, 76MLBJ3, 63AEMR3 and 28CMEA7

June 18, 2011

Super Double in HT

So, Wednesday start Super Double. I will be posting some pictures through the week.
If you want to find the best deals, visit daily my blog and go to the best savingblogs and scroll down to find new stuff. I guarantee you can find awesome deal every day. My blogger friends doing great job to find the best for you and your family. Just visit their site to see more info.

June 14, 2011

Fun for kids this Saturday

Nice gift for daddy.
Head to Home Depot for a special Father’s Day Workshop on 6/18/11 from 9:00 am – Noon. The project is a Lil Toolbox perfect for Father’s Day gift giving!

There is no registration necessary. Just go to your local Home Depot!

June 9, 2011

Free stuff

Free bowling all summer for kids HERE is the link
Free movie in Blockbuster, click HERE
Free 40 pictures plus photo book just shipment 1.99. Click HERE

June 8, 2011

Aldi cheap produce again

HERE is Aldi flyer for this week start Jun 8. Great week on produce again.

Bluberries, Strawberries, Grapes 0.99, Cherries 2.45, watermelon 2.99.

June 7, 2011

Fun Project this Saturday

This Saturday Lowes Stores offer project for kids for free. Looks like a lot of fun. More info HERE.

June 6, 2011

Free Movies for Kids

Here is link for our local cinema which offer free summer movies for kids.

Check yours for more inside fun.

June 2, 2011

Harris Teeter and Bilo trip

Once per while I make bigger shopping trip, usually because I need receipts for rebates and I guess need some meat too:)

I was early this week in Farmers Market and Aldi. Aldi has this week .99 strawberry, blueberries, cantaloupe and pineapple. Also apples, oranges, celery and mushrooms are good deal too. So, we good for week on produce. Here is my meat for this week.


You can print coupon for Laura lean beef 1 off HERE (get healthier steak)
Springfarm 1.50 coupon from Sundays newspaper make another good meat deal.

Russel Cooked Ham is 2.99 they is coupon on Deli counter 1 off so 2 for one Pound ham ( thanks Magdi)

Voskos yogurt .75 printable is free. HERE is coupon.

Eggplant is $1 each

Stella parmesan cheese and Romano cheese are BOGO and they were a lot of marked down 2 off cheese so instead of paying 4.99 you pay .50 per one container. They expiration date is short but will make homemade pasta and pizza.

Ribs were $8 I got $2 off coupon. Turkey tenderloin was BOGO so $4.50.

Harris Teeter

Eggs 1.57

Believe or not I am out of Cereals, so get some good e-vic plus some coupons they end up around .70 each what is high for me but better then pay full price.

Garnier hair color is BOGO so with 3 off coupons it is .99 per pack.

Kraft Big Sliced cheeses is good deal. There is tearpad in Ht 1 off Big Sliced also there is coupon in Sunday insert as well So you buy 3 cheeses it is 9 -3 off coupons and instantly you get 3 off so $1 per pack.

HT ground 99% Turkey is 3.99 if you sign for wellness emails form HT they send coupons, this week was 1 off this turkey.

So, total for this shopping trip was $51 coupon and card savings $88.50

June 1, 2011

Weekly deals 6/1

If you need diapers, check Rite Aid this week. THIS is scenario may help you. Thanks Confession of couponholic.
Bi-lo has few deals this week. HERE are more info. Thanks Jenny.
Harris Teeter deals the best describe Roxanna's blog Homemakingmom, she put match up and printables as well. Easy to use, love her website.
Let us know about other deal you find out there.

May 25, 2011

Bi-lo week 5/25 deals saved $56 paid $11

This week highlights in Bi-lo

Watermelon is 2.99

Dole fruit cups if you have 75/1 is .29

M &M were clearance .49 each I found 50/2 coupon on gas station while we travel to beach, so use that for free candy.

2 weeks go it was printable coupon for Viola Family dinner $3 off so they were free plus they were coupon for free frozen veggie when you buy Viola Family pack...... So 4 packs free

Sweet potatoes fries were free with home mailer coupon

Spring farm chicken have coupon 1.50 in last week newspaper so i used that for marked down pack (but didn't take clearance price on receipt so i should actually pay 9.70)

Corn is .25 each

Sweet Baby Ray is my favorite and with 1 off coupon they were 1.50 for both.

Lays Potatoes Chips are BOGO so 3.99 for both and I found 1 off 2 bags coupon so $3 not great but my husband is in love with BBQ Lays.

I got Catalina coupon last time from Bi-lo 2.50 off 25 and 1 off produce, so I used that as well.

If you need Peter Pan peanut butter it is .79 this week in Bi-lo with .50 coupon I mention last week.

If you shop in Harris Teeter check your today email. They are specials for Saturday only and great deal for diapers with e-vic saving coupons. How did you do this week?

Old Navy additional 50% off clearance

I was yesterday in Old Navy and got 2 sleeve shirts, sweater, 1 pants, 2 earrings and small boy shirt for $20. If I buy for regular price, only exercise pants will cost me $20......
They have 50% of clearance rack so great bargain. Check you store before you go, it may be local deal.
Thanks Katie for info.

May 24, 2011

Farmers Market deals

Triple is over so lets back to "normal" shopping. Our family use a lot of produce and it is the highest expenses in our monthly budget. So, I try to find deals in this field as well. So, far I have the best luck with Aldi and farmers market stands.

Here is picture I got yesterday in Fort Mill stand. On picture is missing big cabbage.

So, I encourage you to try markets, if you have some around you. I love to go to main in Charlotte but it is far away for me, so I am happy for the small one I go.
Potatoes were $1 per pack, peppers 3 for $1, bananas .29, Eggplant .79 pound...... I paid $12 for all this. And the most important is that tomatoes taste like tomatoes not like winter nasty taste red balls:)
If I bought all this in Harris Teeter, I will pay at least double.

May 23, 2011

HT Peter Pan .50 with printable coupon

If you head out for last chance Triple you may get Peter Pan Peanut butter.
HERE is link with coupon. Thanks SavingwithShellie.

May 20, 2011

Harris Teeter shoping trip pictures

Paid 0.19 for picture above. Ritz Cracefull was on e-vic and use coupons from facebook .75 it gave me overage 2.50 so it even out. 0.18 was tax.

Paid 2.91 (.91 tax) check your e-vic for Pantene shampoo i have 3 off 2 there is also coupon 3 off so it was 2 shampoos for $1. Also have Greek yogurt on e-vic for .79 so with .60/2 it was free.

This was $3.20

Looks like maybe one trip for me and and it will be done.

Couple of heads up who is doing triples. Another overage you can get if you go to Nescafee coffee website print coupon .65 buy Nescafee Taster Choice coffee sticks. They will be free and if you have on your e-vic coupon Nescafee coupon $1 off any it will automatically take off $1. Good thing you can print two coupons and e-vic coupon usually upload again. So, go to you Friday or Wednesday email to e-vic coupons SAVE IT again and you have another dollar plus.

I like to see pictures from another bloggers trip. I always get inspiration what else to get. ( If I am not sure which coupon is out here for product, i google it or check HotWorldCoupon database for coupons.)

May 18, 2011

HT spent 3.77 saved $59

Triples start today. I was in store where i have to take Do Not DOUBLE coupon out and they were already out of milk, rice and some other stuff. So, I come up with this.

Pretty happy about Wasa cracker (was on my e-vic) so gave me overage $1

Love dried prunes for free and .85 for no preservatives one.

Kids wants to buy bandages, so well .50 per pack is ok price.

Oil was .75 and Luigi ice cream .24. If you buy it inside the pack is another coupon for .50 off.

How did you do in HT?

May 16, 2011

Back to normal

We got back from our vacation, so back to normal.
On Wednesday is in HT triples. So, I try to put some coupon together.
Southernsavers post it several lists and also find this website
I will update deals whole week.

May 8, 2011

Deal this week paid $3.50

Even is not Super Double you can still get great deal. I went to Bi-lo and HT. Bi-lo give me some overages from Vasil .75 coupon. So, it was nice that 6 jars of pickles were not even free, but paid for my oranges.
I got raincheck for All detergent BOGO. So, 4 detergent cost me $1.50 ( got two 1.50 coupon and two 1 off). Beans were marked down .75 good for weekend chili.
Mission tortillas and Athenos yogurt (.75/2 so .50 for 2) you can find HERE.
Happy Mothers day.

May 2, 2011

Free Sunny drink in Bilo, cheap fish crackers

Here are new printable
75/2 Fish crackers they are a lot of time for $1 so with double in Bilo or HT they will be .50/2 packs. Print HERE.
Till tomorrow Sunny drink is free with this .55 coupon in Bilo.
Print coupon HERE.

April 29, 2011

HT Rainchecks - Trip 3 paid $7.50

How I told you yesterday i will give you one advice. If you store is out of something you like to buy ask for raincheck. You can use it later, they never expired either.
So, then you find coupon for it, coupon will double and you will save a lot of money. For example I buy 4 Gold Metal unbleached flour (great for homemade breads) for 2.80 total. Regular price is 2.85 for one bag in HT. So, last week they got special for 1.19. The y were out so, I got raincheck, and also have one 1 on 2 coupon. So, 2 bags cost me .40, but price 1.19 was still good for me so either i didn't have coupon for the other 2 bags I still got them.

The same with Kashi cereals I got them for free. Got rain check for price 1.99 print 1 off coupon twice so free. If i buy them regular price is 2.99 per pack.

Also, HT is the place I always buy carrots 2 lb is for 1.07 taste great and also got $1 bag of bananas.

April 28, 2011

Helpful links for Super Double

Here are some useful links i use for my coupons for this SD.
You still have till next Tuesday to do it. She put match up and directly printables, so you do not need to searching everywhere. Thanks Roxanna. You rock!
This link is useful too
I love HCW forum too you register and can see all store deals here is link
Jenny from Southernsavers is doing good job too.
You can get all this free if you print coupon from these link above Milka chocolate, Seven Generation (dish soap, paper towel or tissues), Buttonni pasta......

Last think I want to said is PLEASE be honest and do not cheat. You are going to hurt couponing. Company will stop to do it if people act like this. It is coupon fraud and is not right. If coupon said use this on dial soap size bigger then 7.5 do not use on 6oz because it is free. If coupon said use for Sky Hair lights lemon kind don't get original because it is free. Be honest with yourself and others.
Lately Sounternsavers and other coupon website do match with coupons not right. They put coupons to use and coupons said something else on it.
Do not use because Southernsavers or somebody else said so......
Sorry a lot of people will not agree with me on this but this is my opinion.
Thanks for visiting my site and stay tune tomorrow i will let you know another secret for successful Super Double.

April 27, 2011

Super Double trip

Here are my trips ( i have my sister card here, that is why I was able to go two different store in one day).

Another think now is that I have to devided coupons, because one store I go to doesnt take DO NOT Double and another does...... So little pain.

From today shoping trip i will sale some stuff, donate to church food bank and use some. So I guess win situation for every body. :)

Paid first picture $7 plus $1.50 tax

Second picture $3.50 tax 0.30.

Total paid $12.30 Save with coupons $115.

April 26, 2011

Super Double in HT

Tomorrow it start again. Super Double in HT. I will be back with pictures.

April 20, 2011

Saturday project and free tree

Lowes give away free tree and there is fun project to do with kids.

Check it out HERE.

Happy Easter.

April 11, 2011

Free Parks week April 16-24, 2011

Free National Park week April 16 - 24.

Check all parks HERE.

April 6, 2011

Saturday project for kids

This Saturday you can make fun game. HERE is more info.

March 31, 2011

Kelloggs rebate $10 gift card 5 times

You can get up to $50 per this year back with Kelloggs cereals rebate. Great think is you do not need receipt only UPC from box. Here is more info.

March 29, 2011

Food Lion Deals

Sorry i didn't post it any picture this time. It was not too excited week and HT make new policy that makes SD more harder......but still a lot of free yogurts. If your main store is Food Lion scan your card before you go shop. They have promotion, when you scan you card, you may get free products like 2lb banana or free sodas. Also Bloom store will Super Double coupon only on this Friday April 1st.

March 22, 2011

Super Double in HT start tomorrow

Harris Teeter will double coupons up to 1.99. Get ready for tomorrow.
I order couple of good coupons, so it is going to be fun.

You can see ad for this week on Southernsavers website. But make sure you check the prices, because sometimes price vary in different states......

I will be back with some pictures later on this week.
Let me know, when you find good deals.

March 16, 2011

Walmart rebate $10

If you purchase in Walmart 2 items from the list, they will send you $10 Walmart giftcard.
HERE is more info. Thanks MyDallasMom.

March 5, 2011

Saturday March 12 Fun for kids

Today we build with Lukas and Nadia great race car in Home Depot.

Next Saturday you can build Basketball game.

Here is more info.

February 23, 2011

Fun Saturday for kids

This Saturday are two free events for kids. Lowes are building race car at 10 00am.

More info HERE.

All Target has reading stories with Dr. Seuss from 9 till 11 00.

More ifo HERE.
Have fun:)

February 22, 2011

Target awesome deal

Target has this week till Saturday great promotion. You buy any 7 frozen items (veggie, icecream, frozen juice..) and you get $5 giftcard in register. Also head out to Target website and on the bottom go to coupons print 1/4 target veggies and other coupons you may need. Also they have $5 off jeans coupon.
For couple of scenarios go to TotallyTarget.
Thanks for info Islandgirl mom from mommy forum.
A lot of veggie has expiration date at the end of the year, so think in long run how many you may need in future. What you save now will help in future:)
For example with that 1/4 coupon, if you buy 7 bags of target veggies you end up pay 0.17 per bag after giftcard.... So, that is really good price in my opinion.

February 17, 2011

HT GM deal buy 20 get $6 off - paid $1.35 saved $70

I paid $1.35 for this.
There is GM deal you buy 20 products and get 6 instant off. I am excited about Cheerios and veggies, other stuff just made me that deal go cheap.
So, if actually I count only that 20 product, I end up negative. Milk was .89 and Oreo cookies .50, tax 0.44.
So, all is depend which coupons you have and check you e-Vic coupons. I plant according that and that saved me $7.50.....

February 16, 2011

HT Super double paid $7

I am pretty happy with this Super Double, I little change my strategy. Now even I paid more i get stuff i use and like, instead of get stuff for free. How much more pasta we can eat right:)

Now I am working on scenario GM promotion buy 20 product get $6 instant.

Cooking cream gave me overage $3 . I got it on my e-vic coupons and got 1.50 coupons
I forgot on picture LandOLakes turkey breast was .89.

February 11, 2011

Lowes Clinic Music Box

Tomorrow at 10 00 am in Lowes kids will have fun. More info HERE.

February 9, 2011

Printable $1 off Orange Juice

There is good coupon for Orange Juice Simple Orange brand.
Next week is Super Double in HT so will be handy. You can get this juice in Walmart or Target for good price with this coupon.
Print HERE 2 coupons.

February 2, 2011

Deals in HT and Bi-lo

How you know my shopping stores are Bilo and Harris Teeter.
This week is good week in Bilo. You can get Flour Tortillas free, salsa for .34, Blue diamonds almonds for .67, Kraft singles for .50, Nabisco saltines .50, Turkey franks for 0.14, Casa fiesta chillies are free.
HT has Wacky Mack pasta for 0.02 cent if you have coupon from last Sunday. Also if you have Upromise account, they will give you 0.40 towards Education account.
All deals and match up coupons are on

January 31, 2011

Rite Aid made $8

So, this week Rite Aid has great deals. I have $26 ups before this trip and end up with $37. Paid for all tax $2.80. So, all over i made $8. And I am 88.90 towards winter rewards $20 back.
There are 2 great website with scenarios, so you can do it as well.

January 24, 2011

Food Lion $2 off $5 produce

Play the Guiding Stars game HERE and at the end print a coupon for $2 off $5 worth of produce at Food Lion.

January 20, 2011

Bi-lo free stuff this week (1/19)

Till next Tuesday, you can score free Best life Spread Butter with coupon from 1/2 insert or printable coupon. Marucha Noddles make you 0.50 free. They are for 0.50 and coupon is 0.50 which double in our area so you can put something there for free.
Muller's pasta is for $1, so with printable coupon on their website, is free. There is no limit how many you can print.
All info and coupons you can find on Southernsaver. Here is LINK for Bi lo specials.

January 17, 2011

Minute Maid BOGO coupon

Buy one Get one free coupon. Click HERE. Thanks

January 13, 2011

Free Movie from Blockbuster today only

Get a free Blockbuster Express rental when you use coupon code 7CHD1X at checkout. This code is only valid today (1/13).

January 8, 2011

Salat, breaders and chicken - Cheap

If you have Bilo and Harris Teeter close how I do, you should stop buy for some deals. It last till Tuesday night.
You probably know about Super double coupons in HT. They also have good deal on chicken breast. It is Buy 1 Get 2 deal. So, you don't need to buy all 3 packs but just one and it will ring 1/3 of price. It means you paid around 3 bucks for 3 breast of chicken.
In Bi-lo they have Bagged Spinach Buy 1 Get 1. So, if you buy two bags use two .55 coupons HERE (which double) you end up paying .40 cents for 2 bags of fresh Spinach.
Also, there is THIS coupon for .50 off Breading stuff in oven which end up cost 0.05. You can get two of them as well. They are BOGO and use two coupons so you get breadcrumbs for .10 cents.
If you put all this cheap stuff together, you can make good dinner. Breaded chicken in oven with spinach salad.
If you don't use all that spinach, chopped and freeze. Use on homemade pizza, soups, spinach dip.

January 5, 2011

HT total $71 paid $10.60 get $2.50

My first SD trip was good. I paid for organic eggs 2.69, natural sugar 2.80, spices .60 get 2.50 back Catalina, V 8 juice 1, Clorox wipes .50, Dickinson jelly .70, Alexia sweet potatoes 1, whole wheat baguette 1, waffles .50 other stuff was free. So total 10.60.

January 4, 2011

Blog in progress and super double in HT

Hello I buy new domain. My blog address is it will be active within 3 days. So, please be patience and come back. We will save money together.
Tomorrow Super Double start in Harris, so print you coupon and go. I will post it picture of my trip later on this week.