May 25, 2011

Bi-lo week 5/25 deals saved $56 paid $11

This week highlights in Bi-lo

Watermelon is 2.99

Dole fruit cups if you have 75/1 is .29

M &M were clearance .49 each I found 50/2 coupon on gas station while we travel to beach, so use that for free candy.

2 weeks go it was printable coupon for Viola Family dinner $3 off so they were free plus they were coupon for free frozen veggie when you buy Viola Family pack...... So 4 packs free

Sweet potatoes fries were free with home mailer coupon

Spring farm chicken have coupon 1.50 in last week newspaper so i used that for marked down pack (but didn't take clearance price on receipt so i should actually pay 9.70)

Corn is .25 each

Sweet Baby Ray is my favorite and with 1 off coupon they were 1.50 for both.

Lays Potatoes Chips are BOGO so 3.99 for both and I found 1 off 2 bags coupon so $3 not great but my husband is in love with BBQ Lays.

I got Catalina coupon last time from Bi-lo 2.50 off 25 and 1 off produce, so I used that as well.

If you need Peter Pan peanut butter it is .79 this week in Bi-lo with .50 coupon I mention last week.

If you shop in Harris Teeter check your today email. They are specials for Saturday only and great deal for diapers with e-vic saving coupons. How did you do this week?

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