March 31, 2010

HT and Bi-lo this week

Obviously everybody is tired from grocery shopping after Triples. So, this week I skip shopping and on Monday i plant pick it up few stuff. Mostly free Sour cream Breakstone (in both store is free with coupon), I can believe is not butter free after (.75), Campbell soups are .66 in HT so with printable coupon 1 on 2 will be couple of cents... I don't see any other deal this time. Plant to go to Aldi or some Farmers market for produce.

March 29, 2010

March 28, 2010

HT printables shopping

So, I get few printable to use for free stuff.

Got 1 free soy milk half gallon, 2 Hersley milkshake chocolate milk free, 2 Greek yoplain yogurt -free. Also got free pizza Digiorno up to 6 in mail (while back I send rebate and get free pizza coupon) and of course I was with Lukas, so I have to bought him strawberry ... 1.50 was total. I send it this receipt for another rebate for pizza for $5. Good circle.

March 26, 2010

HT triple trip

So, who follow me on my HT triple trips know, that i have 12.50 to spent from last transaction. So, here is how i did. I saved 35 spend 11.
There is nothing that much excite me anymore in HT. So I need my Nescafee what cost me 7 and Tropicana with BOGO coupons was great deal (thanks Magda for coupon). Other stuff is still what you can get really cheap this week in HT with right coupons. So I spend total 12 on 3 HT trips (I got one more paid 1.30), so 3 trips cost me 12. If I dont couponing, I will pay that much for coffee and 1 tropicana.
Don't forgot check your e-Vic email alert , they send me another e-Vic special which will be free product. I have Ball Hod dogs for 99 limit two, so with coupon .75/2 you can have two hod dogs bags for free.
Have great weekend, whatever you doing shopping, gardening, relaxing .

March 25, 2010

March 24, 2010

Lowes Kids workshop

This Saturday (3/27) from 10am – 11am, Lowe’s is having another workshop for kids. This time the project is the kaleidoscope pictured above.
Go HERE to register.

HT paid 12.03 get 12.50

First HT triple. I am little burn out of coupons and shopping, because I did 3 times Lowes Food. So, after using 20 coupons paid 2 dollars trips, I am going little more out of pocket money now. You can score free stuff now in HT as well all that free pasta and rice go for it. I always say if you have these stuff for free you can use money on produce and meat so you still save....
I will post it picture later (can not find camera now, my son loves taking pictures:))
I need use coupons 5 on 40 my total was 43 so I took $10 HT gift card. And also got McCormick $2.50 back for next purchase. So paid 12.03 get 10 gift card plus 2.50. Good trip.
How did you do, post your comments and tips please.

March 23, 2010

Lowes Trip 2

Stuff worth of $55 paid 2.80 get back 1.55.
This is my second time I order coupons. I paid for them 4.50 and we (me and my 2 coupons friends) we will get each 6 McCormick coupons which give us $5 back from McCormick Catalina. So it is already paid off.
No picture sorry. But today is last trip to Lowes and HT start tomorrow. Stay tune for more fun pictures....

March 22, 2010

Lowes Food Triple till Tuesday

Here is my first trip. Paid $5.23 Saved $33. Get back 1.50 for next purchase.

I need some stuff it was not free, but good price with triple coupons.

March 18, 2010

Huggies 3 off

Print your coupon for $3 off any Huggies. You can use it in Rite Aid next week and make gread deal. Diapers will cost you undes $2. go to household

March 17, 2010

Vocalpoint sign up

Ok , you know some sign up for companies newsletter is waste of time. But I really recommend this one. Since I sign up I received couple for great coupons. Free box of Kashi cereals, Starkist tuna, Bumble bee and now free Puffs tissue. Good thing is all regular product not samples. Here is sign up.

Planters Nuts 1.50 coupon

You know what I try to say with this 1.50 coupons? Harris Teeter super double makes it $3 off, so a lof of stuff will be free.

Here is Planters Nuts 1.50 off. Thanks

March 16, 2010

Bacon 1.50 off

Oscar Mayer Bacon $1.50 off. Great coupon, when they are BOGO or on super double day. Make cheap bacon. You can print twice. Thanks Southernsavers.

March 11, 2010

Lowes Build and Grow Basketball

More info about it HERE.

Kashi sample again

You know, how I love Kashi products. Here are another way how to get a lot coupons and sample to try free new products.

March 10, 2010

Starbucks rewards

Starbucks lovers have some special promotion going on. You can earn free pound of coffee.

March 9, 2010


I am excited to annouced new website, specially on this site.

With Stockpile Sale, individuals who have a stockpile of grocery or other items (obtained through the use of coupons) connect with individuals looking to buy those products for less than they would pay in a store.

Sellers have the chance to earn money on their excess supply, and Buyers have the opportunity to save money on products without having to search for or print coupons.

In addition, Stockpile Sale, offers individuals the ability to trade and search for coupons, and search for yard sales or other events in their local neighborhoods.

Individuals may choose to post a free basic ad without registering, or they may register and place a free deluxe ad, which allows you to post a picture and update your ads. Either way, placing and posting ads are free!

With, everybody saves!

March 8, 2010

Coffee - mate .75

Here is more info where to print the coupons. Thanks Thriftymom.

March 7, 2010

Earthafe great experience

So I did it. Came there with "junk" and they give me healthy stuff for free. I got things wort of $30 for FREE. Not even tax was paid. Of course you can not resist, not to buy some stuff in this kind of store. All the bulk and apple cider just smile at you and asking you to take it home. So, print coupon I mention last week and sign up for their newsletter on Earthfare page print another coupon for pantry makeover and head it out to store. Bring your dressing, peanut butter, jelly, cereals, can of coke or some soda and get replacement for their brand. It could be half empty they don't care they will put it in trash anyway. (mineral water is not on picture)Great experience, really helpful stuff.
If nothing else just get fresh pound of coffee and granola that alone is worth of $15. This coupon expire 3/9. Pantry challenge coupon doesn't expire, so you can do it anytime when you sign up. Earthfare do every week special free items, if you have this store close good for you.

March 5, 2010

Earthfare free coffee and granola

I love Earthfare store for their bulk selection. Their offer coupon for free pound fresh ground coffee and box of granola.
Also if you sign up for their newsletter you can get Pantry makeover. Bring to the store all that "bad" stuff and exchange. I need some beans, flex seeds and other stuff, so I will go this weekend. I let you know, how was it. If you miss this one they have always every week give away with purchase. Here is coupon.Thanks Charlottemommies forum where I always find great stuff and advices.

March 4, 2010

Sunday newspaper preview

There will be 3 inserts in Sunday newspaper. You can see Here coupons. Thanks Southernsavers.
They are not that many great coupons lately. But if you also print some from Internet deals are getting better. Don't forgot Gold Medal Flour. There is .75 coupon HERE so in case of triple or just regular double will be good deal.

March 3, 2010

Skittles B1G1 coupon

My husband loves Skittles. Here is printable B1G1 coupon if you become fan on Facebook.

March 2, 2010

Swagbucks is worthy

Search & Win

I have to write you about swagbucks. I was so hesitate to sign up, but everybody wrote about it. So, at the summer, I sign up and is great. So far, I redeem $5 towards pay pal (help me pay my produce basket) and I am able to get $15 more dollars on pay pal or use for amazon gift card. I recommend it. Sign it up, it is free and couple of time per day you can do search there instead of google and have a lot of points. If you sign up now, they give you free 30 Swagbucks. Hurry up.

March 1, 2010

New Printable

Is new months so Coupons put new coupons and reset all. So print ones you may use it with triple or super double this month.
For me good deals are these coupons. Fretchetta, Natural Owl bread, Kashi snack, Kotex, Cotonella, Yoplaint.