March 24, 2010

HT paid 12.03 get 12.50

First HT triple. I am little burn out of coupons and shopping, because I did 3 times Lowes Food. So, after using 20 coupons paid 2 dollars trips, I am going little more out of pocket money now. You can score free stuff now in HT as well all that free pasta and rice go for it. I always say if you have these stuff for free you can use money on produce and meat so you still save....
I will post it picture later (can not find camera now, my son loves taking pictures:))
I need use coupons 5 on 40 my total was 43 so I took $10 HT gift card. And also got McCormick $2.50 back for next purchase. So paid 12.03 get 10 gift card plus 2.50. Good trip.
How did you do, post your comments and tips please.


J&J said...

I saved $31.00 at HT triple. I spent $1.95 and bought 17 items! Go check out my blog for the details at

Feel free to leave your savings deals in the comments on my blog.

Lenka said...

great job. love your blog