June 30, 2010

Do you need free Cool Whip?

Question is do you need 5 of them free? GO to Food Lion buy 5 Cool Whip it rang for $1 each, so $5 total and they have promotion instant 5 off. So you paid $.10 tax for 5 tubes. Deal is good till next Tuesday.

Also there is promotion buy 5 Kraft cheese and get instant 5 off. So without coupon you will pay for 5 cheeses 7.50. If you have coupon deal is even better.
Tip for beginners: If you have problem in store with your deals show them their weekly promotion paper and they have it there. In this case is under sweet promotion deal 5 instant off from Cool Whip and $5 instant off for Kraft.

June 28, 2010

HT get free stuff with printables

Come HERE and print 3 coupons Cambell soup, Marianne Fruit and Kahiki frozen Chinese. You can print 2 of each from 1 computer. If you have more computers good for you. Here is what i got this morning. I separated transaction because you can use only 2 printable (the same coupon and with BOGO sell you can use only one coupon on 1 product) and paid total $1.75.

Cambell soups are BOGO for 1.50 so with 1/2 coupons it is free
Kahiki are BOGO as well 3.98 so free ( i got kind what was 4.18 so I paid .18)
Marriana Bananas chips are 1.68 so with coupon 1.75/2 are free cranberries will cost you 2 packs for .50
If you register your card with E-vic you have activia 4 pack yougurt for .99. (Check bottom of your receipt) There is printable .50 for activia on coupon.com, so with the coupon is free.

June 26, 2010

Paid $7.50 saved $91.50

Saturday run without kids.
Bloom plus Harris Teeter. Paid $7.50 for all (going to have back $6 for steak (rebate))

Saved $91.50
If you would like to learn about couponing come for our coupon class.
Me and mine couponing friend are planing couponing class. It will be held in her house. Please let me know if you are interested. I will give you more info later on.

June 22, 2010

Lowes paid 1.17 saved 48

Here is another tripling. Having fun. Paid 1.17 (.40) was tax.

June 21, 2010

Lowes Food triple 2 trips paid $2.70 saved $90

Here is my two trips from Lowes Food. Paid total 2.70 (.80 was tax) for 40 items - saved $90.
You still can do it tomorrow. Then Wednesday is Super double in Harris Teether. If you have some question about coupons or stores, please let me know. How I mention before, I don't use a lot of stuff from couponing, but I sell it on http://www.stockpilesale.com/ website (so, I have money for food we use) and donate as well. Happy shopping.

Lowes Food Triple HT super double

Great combination , you can use all your hot coupons. Happy shopping. I will be back with pictures from my trips.

June 14, 2010

New Hydro Razor rebate

This week is good deal in CVS and Rite Aid for Hydro Razor. You can get it as low as .99 and submit rebate for up to $10.99 back. HERE is the form.

June 4, 2010

Next week again

I am start to post it again next week. Computer should be ready. Can not wait to bring you the best deal. Thanks for patience.