June 28, 2010

HT get free stuff with printables

Come HERE and print 3 coupons Cambell soup, Marianne Fruit and Kahiki frozen Chinese. You can print 2 of each from 1 computer. If you have more computers good for you. Here is what i got this morning. I separated transaction because you can use only 2 printable (the same coupon and with BOGO sell you can use only one coupon on 1 product) and paid total $1.75.

Cambell soups are BOGO for 1.50 so with 1/2 coupons it is free
Kahiki are BOGO as well 3.98 so free ( i got kind what was 4.18 so I paid .18)
Marriana Bananas chips are 1.68 so with coupon 1.75/2 are free cranberries will cost you 2 packs for .50
If you register your card with E-vic you have activia 4 pack yougurt for .99. (Check bottom of your receipt) There is printable .50 for activia on coupon.com, so with the coupon is free.

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