October 27, 2011

HT and Bi-lo week 10/25-11/1

There is slow week in Bi-lo and HT here are few deals.
Johnsville Italian Sausage 2.99 (Sunday newspaper .50 make it 1.99)
Carolina Pride hod dogs BOGO .50 coupon made it .50
Tostinos pizza $1 each after 1 off coupon on 4 and 1 e-coupon Bi-lo make it 4/2

Dr.Oedker pizza Ristorante BOGO (2 off from last Sunday newspaper) make it 0.59 also you can print 1 off HERE under zip 23234 and you can get raincheck and use next week in HT for Super Double will cost you 0.59.
Beef Roast is for $1.29 pound

Next week is SD in HT.
You can like it Wholly Guacamole on Facebook and print coupon for $1 off it is always cheap on SD in HT.

October 25, 2011

Aldi good deal till Sunday

My Aldi (on Hwy 49, Charlotte) have good week on some produce.

They have standard low prices for mushrooms $1.29, carrots $1.19, apples $2.99, celery 0.99

But this week you can find cauliflower for 0.99, grapes said 2.99 but ring for 2.69, pineapple 1.29, pears 1.99 for 3lb, red potatoes 1.99 per 5lb, whole cabbage for 0.69.

Also I found Germany sauerkraut in jar, which does contain only natural stuff. (all the other has all that preserves in them) it was 1.59.

You can not beet this prices for produce. I know is not organic or local, but all is produce made in USA. I hear that all store (Aldi, HT, BI-lo...) buy their produce in Columbia warehouse, so it is coming from the same source just for different money for costumers. But i have to say that for example Harris Teeter, has this week greens (mustard, collar, turnips) for 0.99 and it is local and it taste great.

My rules of produce is seasonal. I don't buy grapes out of season or when is coming from Mexico I wait when is the season here. So, now grapes,apples, pears, oranges taste great. I don't buy now tomatoes or strawberries they coming from Canada (in Aldi).
Prices may vary in different stores.....

October 24, 2011

Mascara for 0.07 shipped

This morning i try this deal (really need new mascara) and it works perfect. Go to target.com sign in account. Choose Great Lash mascara for 3.84(choose color) and then apply code TGT75HFN. It told me that code cannot apply. I hit continue and it takes me automatically to page said 0.00 and next said 0.07 (tax) and shipped to home address.

HERE is more info. Thanks Thriftynorthwestmom.com

October 23, 2011

HT till Tuesday eggs for 0.14

If you plant to shop in Harris Teeter this week, they have couple of good deals.

You can get Davison Safest Choice Eggs for 0.14. They are BOGO, so you can print two coupons and buy two cartons. In case they are out even better get Raincheck and you can use it whenever you need eggs. Print coupon HERE.

Also HT has Buy 2 get 3 Del Monte corn and green beans cans. If you buy 10 cans, you pay for 4 cans $5.50 and in register it will get $2 instant off, so means you pay $3.50 for 10 cans veggies. If you don't need them, donate them, our church pantry love to have cans veggies.

Blue Diamond almond are BOGO they are for 2.99. Also Blue Almond crackers are BOGO for 3.49. In HT flayer is information about catalina, which print for you after it print your receipt. So, if you have 1/2 coupon for can of almonds and 1/2 crackers (two or three weeks ago newspaper) you can get all this for $4.50 and it will print $4 back. ( I buy natural almond and it works as well, so looks like catalina print of on different kinds as well.)

If they are out, get raincheck and looks like it is going to be super double first week of November, so you get it even cheaper. Catalina will print till November 6.

If you have some questions, please write me comment I will be happy to help.

Have bless Sunday

October 17, 2011

October 12, 2011

Bi-lo, HT, Target deals week 10/12

Lately, I feel like it is hard to find some good deal on anything. So, lets share what we all find in groceries stores.
Bi-lo: Today i sign for e-coupons on their website. I like e-coupons in HT because you can combine it with normal coupon. I want to buy Gogo yougurt natural for kids they are 2/4 There is 0.75 and 0.50 e-coupon so pair it with 0.85 /2, so total should be $1.10 for two boxes.
Also Bratch candies are $1 should be free with 0.50 coupon from newspaper. Hersley snack size candies are $3 and e-vic is $1 off plus if you have some candies coupons will be ok deal.
In HT e-vic coupon is 1 off swanson broth plus there is coupon in Sunday paper for $1 so it will be 0.50 for bigger box of chicken broth. HT has feta cheese and HT shredded BOGO. Also Wolfgang Puck pasta sause is 2.99. So, with last Sunday coupon plus evic coupon will cost 0.99.
I want to try today in Target scenario, which Homemakingmom tried. Need to go Target anyway, so why not get some stuff for free. Here is LINK.
So, my weekly shoping will be in Aldi for produce and Target for the rest this week.
Let me know if you find something interesting this week.

October 6, 2011

Payless Shoes B1 Get second 1/2 off plus 20% off

I go to find some shoes for my boy today. It is good time, they have promotion Buy One Get second 50% off plus there is 20% coupon you can print HERE.
If you don't have Payless close to you, you can order it online and get shipped. Shipping to store is free.