August 31, 2009

Kids workshops for Saturdays

The Home Depot is offering a FREE Kid's Workshop on Saturday, September 5th to build this Bean Bag Toss. Click HERE for more info.
Lowe's is offering a FREE Drum project for your child on Saturday, September 12th
and Fire Truck project for Saturday, September 26th. Click HERE for more info.

Sample of granola clusters and cereal bar

Full size sample of granola clusters. Worth of try new product for free....
Click HERE.

Kashi cereals free sample

Free sample. Click HERE. They usually come with coupons in, so you can get some good deals.

August 30, 2009

Maybeline Mascara $3 off

Maybelline $3 off click HERE fro coupon. This week has Walgreens sell Buy One Get One Free use two $3 coupons and you can get 2 mascara for cheap.

Price in Walgreens is 14.99 for one this week. You use 2 coupons so final price is 8.99 for 2. mascaras.

$1.25 Coupon For New Deights Yougurt

Click HERE to print it. Till Tuesday Harris Teeter double so becom $2.50 it will cost you .49 cents (4 yougurts). Thanks Cuttingcouponsinkc.

August 28, 2009

.75 coupon of Butterball Turkey

In HT and Bi-lo will double it so will be 1.50 off.

Click HERE. Thanks Coupons4momdigest.

Free sample of Always

Free sample of Aways click HERE. Thanks, FrugaliciousFun.

Newspaper preview for 8/30

Jenny, on SouthernSavers post preview of this Sunday Newspaper Coupons. They will be 3 Inserts. Click HERE to see which coupons are in.
Definetely, we will have another free yogurts in HT.

August 27, 2009

CVS money maker next week

Print coupon for free Glade candles, for next week CVS deal. Click HERE for more info. Thanks Luv2bfrugal.

Free Rotisserie Chicken in Whole Food

Coupon for free chicken click HERE to print. Good in NC, SC, GA,TN, AL in Whle Food. Thanks Dealseekingmom.

Free Lip Balm

Click HERE. Thanks Frugaliciousfun.

August 26, 2009

Free Beach Nut Starter Kit

Click HERE for more info. Thanks Couponcravings.

$1.50 off Marie Callender’s Homestyle Creations

HERE is coupons and more info about it. This high value coupons are doubles now in Harris Teeter so you can get a lot of free stuff.

$1 off Uncle Bens New Rice

Print coupon HERE. Thanks Moneysavingmom.

August 25, 2009

Free Reese's Cups

If you have last Sunday newspaper, you can get Reese's Cups for free. More info HERE. Thanks Hip2save.

August 24, 2009

Target baby coupons - $27

Target baby coupon. You can match up with manufacturing coupons for more savings. Click HERE for more info. Thanks Northerncheapskate.

August 21, 2009

Free Halls Cough Drops

Free Halls click HERE. Thanks Frugaliciousfun.

Sunday newspaper preview 8/23

If you want to see what coupons will be in Sunday newspaper click HERE. Thanks Forthemommas website.

Buy One Get One Free Energy Drink

August 20, 2009

$1 Off Apllesauce and Goldfish Cracer Coupons

Click HERE. Thanks Dealseekingmom.

It will be great to use in Bloom this week, they will double it.

August 19, 2009

Build School Bus

Lowe's Build and Grow Clinic sign up information here.This project starts at 10:00 AM on Saturday August 22, 2009.

August 17, 2009

$3 off bacon: Free in Food Lion

Great coupon $3 off Smithfield bacon. You can get it today for free in Food Lion. If you not get it, dont, they are usually BOGO in stores so keep your coupon, and use it when good time come. Print coupon HERE. Thanks SavingWithSheille.
Looks like tomorrow is in Harris Teether bacon 2/$6, so it is free with this coupon.

I paid $1.97

I was thinking that General Mills get of $5 of 15 products is not for me. But after checking all coupons and get advices for Timea ,I decided to do it. I did 2 transactions. One I paid 3.55 saved $44. It print out $3.50 Catalina, which I use on second transaction total after Catalina was $2.41 saved $56. It print for me $1.50 Catalina on natural valley product and $3.50 on fruit snacks. Well it did only $2.50, because somehow in process of checking and chasing Lukas around, I lost on fruit snack. Still awesome deal. Total oop. was $1.96.
You can still do it tomorrow, is last day of triples in HT. Remeber, if you do in one day two transation, you can not use more then 20 coupons per day.
If you can not do it dont be sad another deal is coming. Bloom super double start Wednesday, so get ready.

$1 off 2 Cambell's Soups coupon

This coupon will be good in Bloom this week they super doubles. So, it will take of $2 on 2.

Click HERE. Thanks Mamacheaps.

August 16, 2009

Target deal, even better this week

I love, when I can get stuff I alway buy for free. Bananas, apples, bread, cereals, all this you can get free in Target this week. Check this LINK. Thanks $30Weekgrocerychallange.

August 15, 2009

Food Lion jucie juice .75 and free avocado

3 days sell in FL, they have Juicy Juice for .99. Use last week newspaper coupon .55 on two so you can 2 cases for $1.50. Don’t forget take one avocado, is for sell for .99 and use coupon Guiding star $1 off (you can find it on under FL tab) make free avocado.

CVS freebies start tomorrow 8/15

There are couple of free stuff with all ECB deals. Check it out HERE. Thanks CouponSavingGame.

August 14, 2009

HT triple my couponing buddies

Bozena paid $2.20 for all this. Bozi, I can not put bigger picture for some reason.
Timea paid $3.66. Great job girls. Next week Bloom super double.

August 13, 2009

Free Sharpie Highlighters in CVS

For free sharpie Highligthers coupon click HERE. Thanks SurvivingTheStore.

August 12, 2009

Free Calendar and $20 in coupons for back to school from Nestle

Click HERE for calendar and $20 in coupons.

HT triple paid $3.67 saved $57.40

So, this is my HT trip. They were already out of some stuff.

I got 19 coupons on 19 products. Paid $3.67.

If you buy 2 Dole cups, it print for me catalina for $1 next shoping order. I got them pretty much free. Because, after coupon, there were around .50 cent each so with one dolar back is good deal.

Which kind fo deals you got?

August 11, 2009

Free stuff

MomsByHeart has list of free stuff going on blogs. Enjoy it. I am sure you can find something you will be interested in. Click HERE for list.
Thanks Momsbyheart.

I bought all this for $6.07 and will get back $20

This was from Friday trip to Bi-lo. They still have all deals till today.

I did all this for $6.07. I also sent recipe from this trip to get 2 times $10 rebate.

So actually I will get paid $14 for buying all this. I mention in my previous posts about rebate deal and also I did 2 $50 gas gift cards to BP and Bi-lo print $20 for your next grocery purchase. So good deal. You might ask me if I need all that Pop Tarts no I don't. I don't like them but they give me money back so why not. That is also answer on question some people have, if you should buy stuff you don't need it. Yes if it is free or help you with some other deals. You can donate this or giving away to friends and family.
Timea thanks for coupons and help with kids it was wild that time.

August 10, 2009

Harris Teeter triple list

Harris Teeter triple from tomorrow. So, Jenny from Southernsavers has list of free stuff, you can get using printables coupons and also coupons from newspaper. Here is link. Thanks Jenny.
Write me, how did you score on HT triple.

Free apples, AirWick and other deals in Super Target

There is Airwick for $5.99 in Target with yestarday coupon $6 off makes free. Read more HERE. Thanks Nwadeals.

Tentation apples are on sale for $.99/lb. this week. Print a $1/1 lb. of apples coupon from the Target and they will be free. Read more HERE. Thanks Fabulesslyfrugal.

Other deals and match ups with coupon for Target for this week you can find HERE. Thanks STLMommy.

Please let us know, if it this deals works in your Target, so I can post it here for eveybody else. Thank you

My good friend try it and it works in Charlotte. Plus there is new coupon for bananas .50 for pound, so it will co cost you couple of cents for pound of bananas. You can print it on

August 8, 2009

$1.07 for Milk, Bread, 2 Peanut Butter, 2 Welch Jelly and Baby Food

Before coupons and VIC card $21 after $1.07.
HT has 3 days sale, so I use coupons from last weeks newspaper and week before and 2 printable Welch jelly (you can print from my previus post). I am also E-vic for Harris Teeter and our HT double coupons. You can still do it till tomorrow.

Printable Welch's jelly - Free in HT

Click HERE for coupon .75 Welch's jelly. HT has jelly for .97 so this weekend is Peanut Butter and Jelly free in Harris Teeter. Enjoy!

August 7, 2009

Three days sale in HT - Free Peanut Butter, Cheap milk

HT has 3 day sales till Sunday.

Skippy is 97 with coupon from last Sunday newspaper is FREE limit 2
Milk is 1.97
Welch's jelly .97 ( with coupon save .75 on milk when you buy Welch, looks like good deal, if they will double it will be milk for .47)
HT bread is .97, if you are E-vic customer (worthy to do it, a lot of good deals for sign up on HT website) bread is .47.

August 6, 2009

Cici's pizza party this Saturday

Click HERE for more info.

Built powerboat Saturday August 8, 2009

More info HERE. Thanks Feelingfrugal.

Grocery stores week 8/4

There are a lot of BOGO in Bi-lo store plus you can get gift cards and get $20 off next purchase. The best scenario is if you have BP or Shell around you can buy gifts card for gas worth of $100 and get $20 back.
Also there is Kellogs rebate in Bi-lo it will print for you catalina $10 and you can use recipe and UPS code from boxes for another rebate.
You can read about all deal on . Just choose your store and you see all specials match with coupons.

August 5, 2009

Printable coupons

Free Glade Gift Pack

Click HERE for registration and request for free gift pack. Thanks Myfrugaladventures.

August 4, 2009

Tuesday Free Tacos

Free 2 Tacos in Jack in the Box today with this coupon. Print it now.

August 3, 2009

Target deal week of 8/02

Good deals in Target, here is LIST. Thank you Frugalgirls.

Iheartcvs - great site

I found great website about CVS deals. provide for you cvs deals for at least week ahead, so you can plant your trip. Also who like Rite Aid or Walgreens, they have deals for them as well.

August 1, 2009

New coupons print it now

Go under my title and print new coupons. They are reset first day of the month and you can have a lot of good deal. Print it now before is gone. They are Kellogs coupons which you can use it towards back to school rebates.