August 11, 2009

I bought all this for $6.07 and will get back $20

This was from Friday trip to Bi-lo. They still have all deals till today.

I did all this for $6.07. I also sent recipe from this trip to get 2 times $10 rebate.

So actually I will get paid $14 for buying all this. I mention in my previous posts about rebate deal and also I did 2 $50 gas gift cards to BP and Bi-lo print $20 for your next grocery purchase. So good deal. You might ask me if I need all that Pop Tarts no I don't. I don't like them but they give me money back so why not. That is also answer on question some people have, if you should buy stuff you don't need it. Yes if it is free or help you with some other deals. You can donate this or giving away to friends and family.
Timea thanks for coupons and help with kids it was wild that time.

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