May 25, 2011

Bi-lo week 5/25 deals saved $56 paid $11

This week highlights in Bi-lo

Watermelon is 2.99

Dole fruit cups if you have 75/1 is .29

M &M were clearance .49 each I found 50/2 coupon on gas station while we travel to beach, so use that for free candy.

2 weeks go it was printable coupon for Viola Family dinner $3 off so they were free plus they were coupon for free frozen veggie when you buy Viola Family pack...... So 4 packs free

Sweet potatoes fries were free with home mailer coupon

Spring farm chicken have coupon 1.50 in last week newspaper so i used that for marked down pack (but didn't take clearance price on receipt so i should actually pay 9.70)

Corn is .25 each

Sweet Baby Ray is my favorite and with 1 off coupon they were 1.50 for both.

Lays Potatoes Chips are BOGO so 3.99 for both and I found 1 off 2 bags coupon so $3 not great but my husband is in love with BBQ Lays.

I got Catalina coupon last time from Bi-lo 2.50 off 25 and 1 off produce, so I used that as well.

If you need Peter Pan peanut butter it is .79 this week in Bi-lo with .50 coupon I mention last week.

If you shop in Harris Teeter check your today email. They are specials for Saturday only and great deal for diapers with e-vic saving coupons. How did you do this week?

Old Navy additional 50% off clearance

I was yesterday in Old Navy and got 2 sleeve shirts, sweater, 1 pants, 2 earrings and small boy shirt for $20. If I buy for regular price, only exercise pants will cost me $20......
They have 50% of clearance rack so great bargain. Check you store before you go, it may be local deal.
Thanks Katie for info.

May 24, 2011

Farmers Market deals

Triple is over so lets back to "normal" shopping. Our family use a lot of produce and it is the highest expenses in our monthly budget. So, I try to find deals in this field as well. So, far I have the best luck with Aldi and farmers market stands.

Here is picture I got yesterday in Fort Mill stand. On picture is missing big cabbage.

So, I encourage you to try markets, if you have some around you. I love to go to main in Charlotte but it is far away for me, so I am happy for the small one I go.
Potatoes were $1 per pack, peppers 3 for $1, bananas .29, Eggplant .79 pound...... I paid $12 for all this. And the most important is that tomatoes taste like tomatoes not like winter nasty taste red balls:)
If I bought all this in Harris Teeter, I will pay at least double.

May 23, 2011

HT Peter Pan .50 with printable coupon

If you head out for last chance Triple you may get Peter Pan Peanut butter.
HERE is link with coupon. Thanks SavingwithShellie.

May 20, 2011

Harris Teeter shoping trip pictures

Paid 0.19 for picture above. Ritz Cracefull was on e-vic and use coupons from facebook .75 it gave me overage 2.50 so it even out. 0.18 was tax.

Paid 2.91 (.91 tax) check your e-vic for Pantene shampoo i have 3 off 2 there is also coupon 3 off so it was 2 shampoos for $1. Also have Greek yogurt on e-vic for .79 so with .60/2 it was free.

This was $3.20

Looks like maybe one trip for me and and it will be done.

Couple of heads up who is doing triples. Another overage you can get if you go to Nescafee coffee website print coupon .65 buy Nescafee Taster Choice coffee sticks. They will be free and if you have on your e-vic coupon Nescafee coupon $1 off any it will automatically take off $1. Good thing you can print two coupons and e-vic coupon usually upload again. So, go to you Friday or Wednesday email to e-vic coupons SAVE IT again and you have another dollar plus.

I like to see pictures from another bloggers trip. I always get inspiration what else to get. ( If I am not sure which coupon is out here for product, i google it or check HotWorldCoupon database for coupons.)

May 18, 2011

HT spent 3.77 saved $59

Triples start today. I was in store where i have to take Do Not DOUBLE coupon out and they were already out of milk, rice and some other stuff. So, I come up with this.

Pretty happy about Wasa cracker (was on my e-vic) so gave me overage $1

Love dried prunes for free and .85 for no preservatives one.

Kids wants to buy bandages, so well .50 per pack is ok price.

Oil was .75 and Luigi ice cream .24. If you buy it inside the pack is another coupon for .50 off.

How did you do in HT?

May 16, 2011

Back to normal

We got back from our vacation, so back to normal.
On Wednesday is in HT triples. So, I try to put some coupon together.
Southernsavers post it several lists and also find this website
I will update deals whole week.

May 8, 2011

Deal this week paid $3.50

Even is not Super Double you can still get great deal. I went to Bi-lo and HT. Bi-lo give me some overages from Vasil .75 coupon. So, it was nice that 6 jars of pickles were not even free, but paid for my oranges.
I got raincheck for All detergent BOGO. So, 4 detergent cost me $1.50 ( got two 1.50 coupon and two 1 off). Beans were marked down .75 good for weekend chili.
Mission tortillas and Athenos yogurt (.75/2 so .50 for 2) you can find HERE.
Happy Mothers day.

May 2, 2011

Free Sunny drink in Bilo, cheap fish crackers

Here are new printable
75/2 Fish crackers they are a lot of time for $1 so with double in Bilo or HT they will be .50/2 packs. Print HERE.
Till tomorrow Sunny drink is free with this .55 coupon in Bilo.
Print coupon HERE.