May 24, 2011

Farmers Market deals

Triple is over so lets back to "normal" shopping. Our family use a lot of produce and it is the highest expenses in our monthly budget. So, I try to find deals in this field as well. So, far I have the best luck with Aldi and farmers market stands.

Here is picture I got yesterday in Fort Mill stand. On picture is missing big cabbage.

So, I encourage you to try markets, if you have some around you. I love to go to main in Charlotte but it is far away for me, so I am happy for the small one I go.
Potatoes were $1 per pack, peppers 3 for $1, bananas .29, Eggplant .79 pound...... I paid $12 for all this. And the most important is that tomatoes taste like tomatoes not like winter nasty taste red balls:)
If I bought all this in Harris Teeter, I will pay at least double.

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