May 20, 2011

Harris Teeter shoping trip pictures

Paid 0.19 for picture above. Ritz Cracefull was on e-vic and use coupons from facebook .75 it gave me overage 2.50 so it even out. 0.18 was tax.

Paid 2.91 (.91 tax) check your e-vic for Pantene shampoo i have 3 off 2 there is also coupon 3 off so it was 2 shampoos for $1. Also have Greek yogurt on e-vic for .79 so with .60/2 it was free.

This was $3.20

Looks like maybe one trip for me and and it will be done.

Couple of heads up who is doing triples. Another overage you can get if you go to Nescafee coffee website print coupon .65 buy Nescafee Taster Choice coffee sticks. They will be free and if you have on your e-vic coupon Nescafee coupon $1 off any it will automatically take off $1. Good thing you can print two coupons and e-vic coupon usually upload again. So, go to you Friday or Wednesday email to e-vic coupons SAVE IT again and you have another dollar plus.

I like to see pictures from another bloggers trip. I always get inspiration what else to get. ( If I am not sure which coupon is out here for product, i google it or check HotWorldCoupon database for coupons.)


Emily Ward said...

Good job! I love triple coupon week.

Anonymous said...

Wow! Awesome trips!!