April 29, 2011

HT Rainchecks - Trip 3 paid $7.50

How I told you yesterday i will give you one advice. If you store is out of something you like to buy ask for raincheck. You can use it later, they never expired either.
So, then you find coupon for it, coupon will double and you will save a lot of money. For example I buy 4 Gold Metal unbleached flour (great for homemade breads) for 2.80 total. Regular price is 2.85 for one bag in HT. So, last week they got special for 1.19. The y were out so, I got raincheck, and also have one 1 on 2 coupon. So, 2 bags cost me .40, but price 1.19 was still good for me so either i didn't have coupon for the other 2 bags I still got them.

The same with Kashi cereals I got them for free. Got rain check for price 1.99 print 1 off coupon twice so free. If i buy them regular price is 2.99 per pack.

Also, HT is the place I always buy carrots 2 lb is for 1.07 taste great and also got $1 bag of bananas.

April 28, 2011

Helpful links for Super Double

Here are some useful links i use for my coupons for this SD.
You still have till next Tuesday to do it.
http://www.homemakingmom.com/ She put match up and directly printables, so you do not need to searching everywhere. Thanks Roxanna. You rock!
This link is useful too
I love HCW forum too you register and can see all store deals here is link
Jenny from Southernsavers is doing good job too.
You can get all this free if you print coupon from these link above Milka chocolate, Seven Generation (dish soap, paper towel or tissues), Buttonni pasta......

Last think I want to said is PLEASE be honest and do not cheat. You are going to hurt couponing. Company will stop to do it if people act like this. It is coupon fraud and is not right. If coupon said use this on dial soap size bigger then 7.5 do not use on 6oz because it is free. If coupon said use for Sky Hair lights lemon kind don't get original because it is free. Be honest with yourself and others.
Lately Sounternsavers and other coupon website do match with coupons not right. They put coupons to use and coupons said something else on it.
Do not use because Southernsavers or somebody else said so......
Sorry a lot of people will not agree with me on this but this is my opinion.
Thanks for visiting my site and stay tune tomorrow i will let you know another secret for successful Super Double.

April 27, 2011

Super Double trip

Here are my trips ( i have my sister card here, that is why I was able to go two different store in one day).

Another think now is that I have to devided coupons, because one store I go to doesnt take DO NOT Double and another does...... So little pain.

From today shoping trip i will sale some stuff, donate to church food bank and use some. So I guess win situation for every body. :)

Paid first picture $7 plus $1.50 tax

Second picture $3.50 tax 0.30.

Total paid $12.30 Save with coupons $115.

April 26, 2011

Super Double in HT

Tomorrow it start again. Super Double in HT. I will be back with pictures.

April 20, 2011

Saturday project and free tree

Lowes give away free tree and there is fun project to do with kids.

Check it out HERE.

Happy Easter.

April 11, 2011

Free Parks week April 16-24, 2011

Free National Park week April 16 - 24.

Check all parks HERE.

April 6, 2011

Saturday project for kids

This Saturday you can make fun game. HERE is more info.