April 29, 2011

HT Rainchecks - Trip 3 paid $7.50

How I told you yesterday i will give you one advice. If you store is out of something you like to buy ask for raincheck. You can use it later, they never expired either.
So, then you find coupon for it, coupon will double and you will save a lot of money. For example I buy 4 Gold Metal unbleached flour (great for homemade breads) for 2.80 total. Regular price is 2.85 for one bag in HT. So, last week they got special for 1.19. The y were out so, I got raincheck, and also have one 1 on 2 coupon. So, 2 bags cost me .40, but price 1.19 was still good for me so either i didn't have coupon for the other 2 bags I still got them.

The same with Kashi cereals I got them for free. Got rain check for price 1.99 print 1 off coupon twice so free. If i buy them regular price is 2.99 per pack.

Also, HT is the place I always buy carrots 2 lb is for 1.07 taste great and also got $1 bag of bananas.

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