February 25, 2010

Good deal this week

If you have Bi-lo like your shopping store don't forgot that they double fuel perk on weekend. Also you can score Purex detergent for 1.50 per one. Also Muller's whole week pasta is free.
Harris teeter has free Starkist tuna.
Al info about store special you can find on www.southernsavers.com
If you did super double last week maybe this week take it little break. I hear that HT will do triple soon so rest for now. Have great week.

February 24, 2010

Lowes Build and Grow

This Saturday in Lowes is building neat project. Get your kids ready.

February 21, 2010

Super double #4

I have to tell you little secret. If in HT is BOGO sell they don't let you to use 2 coupons in one transaction for 2 items. So, what I do, is to do two separate transaction and get both item the same time. But please, make sure you don't exceed number of coupons. Together still can not be more then 20, otherwise they will not double.

So, on the picture are two transaction and missing 2 Stonfield yogurt.

Yogurt I told you last time, gave me overage so I paid only 2.99 this time save around $45.....
Another great printable is Cole garlic bread for free. Coupon is .55 and small bread is on BOGO, so free. Here is the website http://www.coles.com/ go to promotion site.

February 20, 2010

Trip 3 in HT and overage

Here is another HT super double. Paid $3.45 saved $50.02
Picture number 4 coming soon:)
One the picture is also the ham from Bi-lo. You remember last post I wrote about that coupon $2, so I pick it up on the way. You can not beat 2 packs Ham and turkey for .28.....

February 19, 2010

Great printables for this week

Do you need Deli Ham, go HERE print $2 off and go to Bi-lo get ham for .14 for one bag. If you have 2 computers print 4 coupons and you got 4 packs ham under dollar.
Another great printable is Kashi cereals coupon. In Harris Teeter you can get my favorite cereals for .98 for box instead of 3.98..... Deals are good till Tuesday.

Love save on stuff I need and use. Have great weekend. Picture of another super double trip coming later on.

February 18, 2010

Sign up for great offer

HT super double trip 2

I have cheese winetages and bread , so it was free cheese and bread. I paid $3.40 saved $50.

HT send me coupon 5 on 40 so it was good to use on this trip. So, so far so good.....

February 17, 2010

HT Super double trip 1

Paid $2.62 saved $40.61

February 16, 2010

Produce co-op in Charlotte

Thanks all SW Charlottemomies for info and also pick up my basket from Matthews location. Here is pictures of last week basket. There are missing tomatoes and blueberries on pictures.

Next pick up time for Matthews is Monday, so you have to order it till this Thursday. Here is more info and also more location. You can also order only fruit basket or small basket.

February 12, 2010

E-Vic card Alert

If you sign up for E-vic card, you may receive today email for E-Vic specials. I have yogurt Danonoino for $1. So, after last Sunday coupon $1 will be free. Price is good till Tuesday. If you didn't sign it yet, do it, is worthy. It is free, just go to Harris Teeter and apply for E-VIC. They will send you weekly deals and specials.

February 11, 2010

Sunday newspaper preview

There is jost one insert in Sunday newspaper....
Thanks Southernsavers.

February 10, 2010

Valentine crafts

Here is coupon for Michaels, if you plant to do some Valentine crafts will be handy....More info HERE. Thanks www.frugallivingandhavingfun.com

February 7, 2010

BI-lo Fuel perks program

So, Fuel perks came to Charlotte. Go to your local Bi-lo (or do it online on Bi-lo webpage) sign up for new bi-lo fuel perks card and start saving on your gas. Great think is that amount you spend count before coupons, so it adds up really quick. If you spend $50 in Bi-lo, you will save $0.05 per gallon on gas. So, if you spend $200 per month you will get your gas (20 gallons) cheaper .20 cent per gallon. In our are a BP in River Gate participated. I sign up today in store and received today coupons via email from Bi-lo for $2 off milk, .75 off eggs and $1 off bread. So, cheaper gas and coupons for milk and eggs for 2 minutes of my time (filling up the form) works for me.

February 4, 2010

This Sunday newspaper

Here are coupons which should be in this Sunday newspaper 2/7.
4 inserts. Thanks SouthernSavers.

February 2, 2010

Print your coupons

New month - new coupon.

Print coupons on product you use. Also you can print some coupon you know when there are Super Double or Triple, they will be free or close to free.......

Home Depot Kids Workshop Car Display

Home Depot will be hosting a free Kids Workshop Saturday, February 6 between 9 a.m. and noon at all of its stores.