February 7, 2010

BI-lo Fuel perks program

So, Fuel perks came to Charlotte. Go to your local Bi-lo (or do it online on Bi-lo webpage) sign up for new bi-lo fuel perks card and start saving on your gas. Great think is that amount you spend count before coupons, so it adds up really quick. If you spend $50 in Bi-lo, you will save $0.05 per gallon on gas. So, if you spend $200 per month you will get your gas (20 gallons) cheaper .20 cent per gallon. In our are a BP in River Gate participated. I sign up today in store and received today coupons via email from Bi-lo for $2 off milk, .75 off eggs and $1 off bread. So, cheaper gas and coupons for milk and eggs for 2 minutes of my time (filling up the form) works for me.

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