June 29, 2011

Free Goldfish Crackers in HT

I print this coupons while back and was waiting for sell.

So, this week start today Harris Teeter has them for $1 so with THIS printable you can get them free. You can print 2 from one computer. If they are out get Raincheck and you can pick it up ather time you shop in HT.....

June 25, 2011

Free Movie codes

I never pay for movie anymore. There are always free codes, these one are good till Monday. I tried first two and works great. So, you can get free movie for you or kids.
Great about BlockbusterExpress is that you can order movie online and use code online too. Redbox start to be more tricky about it.
So, enjoy it.
Thanks Jenny from Southernsavers.


Find kiosk near you.

June 23, 2011

Old Navy Sale $2 Tanks

This weekend, Old Navy will be having another one of their hot sales!

June 22, 2011

Harris Teeter SD paid $4.90

Super Double start today. I went morning with kids and a lot of stuff was already missing.
So, this is what i come up with. Paid $4 plus 0.90 tax.
You can find printable coupon for this Super Double on Roxanna website Homemakingmom.
Other coupons I use were from Sunday paper. I order Danonino and Danimals coupon, because our area had coupon 1 on 2 product instead of one. Lauging Cow coupon I found in my Gym. Happy about Reynolds foils, we start to grill a lot, so it will come handy.
You can check it out, which paper contains what coupons on HCW database where you can enter name of coupon and it will tell you which insert it is. Really helpful tool it save you a lot of time to flip every paper you have.
How did you do this SD?

June 19, 2011

Free movies from Blockbuster express till 6/20

You can rent free movie today or tomorrow with these codes.
It works i tried 2 of them today.If you want to rent two do separately, I don't think it will take two codes in one transaction.
Thanks Rebecca form CHMF.

Here are the codes:
79JBHS3, 56BACC9, 81RRAP4, 92ASJA3, 76MLBJ3, 63AEMR3 and 28CMEA7

June 18, 2011

Super Double in HT

So, Wednesday start Super Double. I will be posting some pictures through the week.
If you want to find the best deals, visit daily my blog and go to the best savingblogs and scroll down to find new stuff. I guarantee you can find awesome deal every day. My blogger friends doing great job to find the best for you and your family. Just visit their site to see more info.

June 14, 2011

Fun for kids this Saturday

Nice gift for daddy.
Head to Home Depot for a special Father’s Day Workshop on 6/18/11 from 9:00 am – Noon. The project is a Lil Toolbox perfect for Father’s Day gift giving!

There is no registration necessary. Just go to your local Home Depot!

June 9, 2011

Free stuff

Free bowling all summer for kids HERE is the link
Free movie in Blockbuster, click HERE
Free 40 pictures plus photo book just shipment 1.99. Click HERE

June 8, 2011

Aldi cheap produce again

HERE is Aldi flyer for this week start Jun 8. Great week on produce again.

Bluberries, Strawberries, Grapes 0.99, Cherries 2.45, watermelon 2.99.

June 7, 2011

Fun Project this Saturday

This Saturday Lowes Stores offer project for kids for free. Looks like a lot of fun. More info HERE.

June 6, 2011

Free Movies for Kids

Here is link for our local cinema which offer free summer movies for kids.

Check yours for more inside fun.

June 2, 2011

Harris Teeter and Bilo trip

Once per while I make bigger shopping trip, usually because I need receipts for rebates and I guess need some meat too:)

I was early this week in Farmers Market and Aldi. Aldi has this week .99 strawberry, blueberries, cantaloupe and pineapple. Also apples, oranges, celery and mushrooms are good deal too. So, we good for week on produce. Here is my meat for this week.


You can print coupon for Laura lean beef 1 off HERE (get healthier steak)
Springfarm 1.50 coupon from Sundays newspaper make another good meat deal.

Russel Cooked Ham is 2.99 they is coupon on Deli counter 1 off so 2 for one Pound ham ( thanks Magdi)

Voskos yogurt .75 printable is free. HERE is coupon.

Eggplant is $1 each

Stella parmesan cheese and Romano cheese are BOGO and they were a lot of marked down 2 off cheese so instead of paying 4.99 you pay .50 per one container. They expiration date is short but will make homemade pasta and pizza.

Ribs were $8 I got $2 off coupon. Turkey tenderloin was BOGO so $4.50.

Harris Teeter

Eggs 1.57

Believe or not I am out of Cereals, so get some good e-vic plus some coupons they end up around .70 each what is high for me but better then pay full price.

Garnier hair color is BOGO so with 3 off coupons it is .99 per pack.

Kraft Big Sliced cheeses is good deal. There is tearpad in Ht 1 off Big Sliced also there is coupon in Sunday insert as well So you buy 3 cheeses it is 9 -3 off coupons and instantly you get 3 off so $1 per pack.

HT ground 99% Turkey is 3.99 if you sign for wellness emails form HT they send coupons, this week was 1 off this turkey.

So, total for this shopping trip was $51 coupon and card savings $88.50

June 1, 2011

Weekly deals 6/1

If you need diapers, check Rite Aid this week. THIS is scenario may help you. Thanks Confession of couponholic.
Bi-lo has few deals this week. HERE are more info. Thanks Jenny.
Harris Teeter deals the best describe Roxanna's blog Homemakingmom, she put match up and printables as well. Easy to use, love her website.
Let us know about other deal you find out there.