June 2, 2011

Harris Teeter and Bilo trip

Once per while I make bigger shopping trip, usually because I need receipts for rebates and I guess need some meat too:)

I was early this week in Farmers Market and Aldi. Aldi has this week .99 strawberry, blueberries, cantaloupe and pineapple. Also apples, oranges, celery and mushrooms are good deal too. So, we good for week on produce. Here is my meat for this week.


You can print coupon for Laura lean beef 1 off HERE (get healthier steak)
Springfarm 1.50 coupon from Sundays newspaper make another good meat deal.

Russel Cooked Ham is 2.99 they is coupon on Deli counter 1 off so 2 for one Pound ham ( thanks Magdi)

Voskos yogurt .75 printable is free. HERE is coupon.

Eggplant is $1 each

Stella parmesan cheese and Romano cheese are BOGO and they were a lot of marked down 2 off cheese so instead of paying 4.99 you pay .50 per one container. They expiration date is short but will make homemade pasta and pizza.

Ribs were $8 I got $2 off coupon. Turkey tenderloin was BOGO so $4.50.

Harris Teeter

Eggs 1.57

Believe or not I am out of Cereals, so get some good e-vic plus some coupons they end up around .70 each what is high for me but better then pay full price.

Garnier hair color is BOGO so with 3 off coupons it is .99 per pack.

Kraft Big Sliced cheeses is good deal. There is tearpad in Ht 1 off Big Sliced also there is coupon in Sunday insert as well So you buy 3 cheeses it is 9 -3 off coupons and instantly you get 3 off so $1 per pack.

HT ground 99% Turkey is 3.99 if you sign for wellness emails form HT they send coupons, this week was 1 off this turkey.

So, total for this shopping trip was $51 coupon and card savings $88.50

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