July 31, 2009

Free Wacky Mac Pasta again

There are couple of good coupons on http://www.smartsource.com/. Now Harris Teeter has Wacky Mac for $1 what makes with this coupon, FREE pasta.

Other coupon I like it

Taco Bell Kit .75 we like Tacos

Floss Picks was free last time in Wa-mart

Baking powder was free in Bloom when they triple

DelMonte apple sauce cheap when they triple

Home Made Simple coupon book

This is my 3 book of coupons I sign in. I always get free stuff with this coupons, when HT superdouble or Bloom triple. Worthy to do it. It is free.
For more info click HERE. Thanks Money Saving Mom.

July 30, 2009

July 29, 2009

Why I save money?

I start this blog that you can also save some money and make money.

Why I save money?
1. I want to stay with my kids home that means live on one income. It is not always easy.
2. I love my family back in Slovakia, so I want to visit them as much as I can and air tickets for 4 people are expensive.
3. I would like to be debt free means; We want to pay our house loan as soon as we can. Any additional money you put in house loan per month help shortest your loan. I know you would think if is 30 years or 28 doesn’t make any different. It does. You pay at least 6% monthly additional money to somebody.

So this is my main reason for saving right now. All is about priority and goals. What is yours reason to save money?

I would like to update you monthly how much I saved on grocery. I have budget and to encourage myself I told myself that end of the year, what I save, I put to our loan for house.

You can subscribe RSS or become my followers on my journey. Happy saving.

Week 7/29-8/4 in grocery stores

Wednesday is day for new sales in grocery stores. I always check great website http://www.southernsavers.com/ for new deals for a week.
This week is in Harris Teeter eggs for .88, blueberries and strawberries for $1.25 for box.
Looks like in Food Lion you can print coupon for free green giant cans veggie.
Just go to Jenny site and look for your store and start to save money. Is easy and fun. You can also print a lot of pintables coupon there.

Home Depot workshop for kids

More info click HERE. Thanks Northern Cheapskate.

Free crafts for kids

July 28, 2009

Free Milk and Chocolade milk

There is coupon for Free Chocolade milk, when you buy regular one. Also coupon for free milk with purchase over $100 before coupons, so print it and use whenever you will have big shoping trip. Free milk is great deal is true saving, because you have to buy it anyway right.
Click HERE to print coupons. Is on page 3. If you can not see it, put Zip Code 63090 in left corner.
Coupon for Chocolade milk is gone now.

Kraft coupons

$1 off cheese, $1 Oscayer Meyers hotdogs and $1.50 Kraft dressing. So if you still go to Harris Teeter, they will double it. Today is last day. If you don’t get all deals don’t worry HT seems like these doubling so probably next month is going to be back. Click HERE for coupons.

July 27, 2009

Harris Teeter double again

On picture is all stuff I got for FREE today in HT.

All coupons were from yestarday newspapers.

July 26, 2009

CVS week 7/26

Another free items in CVS. Read more HERE.
Thanks Bargain Briana.

July 24, 2009

Harris Teeter paid $1.34

I paid $1.34 for stuff worth of $50.32. I just did printable coupons I posted yesterday Click HERE. Also Timea found on Muir Glen Organic Diced Tomatoes $1 off organic soup, so we got that too. Here is LINK to Organic tomatoes product (on the bottom). You can get Tomatoes paste or diced tomatoes for couple of cents.

So is still not late, you can do all this till Tuesday. Bozi thanks for coupons.

Thanks girls you are great!

Free workshop in Lowe's

This Saturday is workshop for kids - they build helikopter. From 10 00 - 11 00.

Is not too late: Harris Teeter super double

There is super double in Haris Teeter till Tuesday 7/28.

You can got a lot of free stuff with printable coupons. If you would like to support my blog please use coupon bar under my title, when you print coupons from coupons.com. Thank you.

So, you can get Breyers 2 singles cups yogurt - Free put in coupon.com zip code 92111.
Success rice is free print coupon HERE

Free Ice-cream Bunny Cones
Blue Bunny Vanilla champ cones 6 pk $3 ea-$1.50/1 6 pk Champ cones printable

Free water - sell is 5/5 for 6 singles botles use coupons 1/2 and both cases are free http://www.deerparkwater.com/ register and print two times coupon.

Kotex Pantiliners 22 ct, $1.29 ea-$1.50/2 Kotex products in store dispenser-$1 off any Kotex product printable (IE) or printable (FF)

Wet Ones Wipes there are on sale for 1.99 print $1 coupon HERE - Free
Thanks Timea for great job and Bozi diky moc za kupony. You both great coupon ladies!

July 23, 2009

7/26 Coupon Insert Preview

Click HERE for Sunday Newspaper Peview. Thanks Southernsavers.

Free BeingGirl kit

Click HERE for your P&G samples. Thanks Couponcravings.

July 22, 2009

Free Minute Maid Frozen Novelties

Click HERE for registration and coupon.

July 21, 2009

CVS for beginners and deal for week 7/26 -8/1

On my favorite blog Janegirls$800dollarannualbudget is tutorial how to start CVS. Click HERE.
There are more free stuff coming in new add for week start 7/26 check it out HERE.

July 20, 2009

Starbucks free pastry

Visit Starbucks tomorrow (Tuesday) from opening until 10:30 AM and get a free pastry with the purchase of any beverage!
Thanks Timea

Del Monte coupons

Click for coupons HERE. Thanks Budegethelpers.

July 19, 2009

Another FREE Kashi cereals in Target

Look HERE for deal on another free Kashi cereals. We love these. Thanks Dealseekingmom.com

July 17, 2009

CVS week 7/19

Picture is from my trip to CVS. I got everything for .25 cent.

There are a lot of school supplies for free again in CVS. Click HERE. Thanks Southernsavers.com.

There are also CVS for beginners, so you can learn how it works. Good luck.
Please send me pictures form yours shopping trip.
Timea thanks for razor coupon.

Enfamil free formula

Try Alouette cheese for FREE

I love cheese so this will be nice try. Click HERE for rebate form.

July 16, 2009

Free yogurt and much more coupons

If you put Zipcode 92111 to coupon.com above you may get much more coupons. These are examles.
Remeber Harris Teeter will Super Double in week 7/22 so $1 coupons become $2.
Huggies Overnights, $2.00/1
Goodnights, $2.00/1
Pull Ups, $2.00/1
Colgate Toothpaste and Brush, save $3.00/2
DeLallo Extra Virgin Olive Oil, $1.00/1
Scott, Tissue, $1.00
Scott Towels, $1.00/1
SoftSoap Body Wash, $2.00/1
SoftSoap Hand Soap, $1.00/1
Yoplait Fiber One Multipacks, $1.00/1
Print Breyers $1 OFF/2 Next week in Harris Teeter will make it free 2 cups of yogurts!

July 15, 2009

K-Mart double coupons deal

My great neigbourt Katrina mad last week trip to K-Mart (they doubled coupon) and she made awesome deal. Her total was $70, she paid $3.39. You did great job girl.
Please if you got good deal write me and send me picture. Is exciting for all of us to see how far your dollars can go.

July 14, 2009

Free Honey Nut Cereals, Schools supplies, Photo Book in CVS

Click HERE for all great deals in CVS week ends on 7/18. Thanks Dealseekingmom.

CVS free pictures

July 12, 2009

Mission Tortila Plus $1 coupon

Click HERE and register for coupon.

Get ready for Super doubling in Harris Teeter.

July 11, 2009

Free Dinner - Tyson Skillet Creations

Click here for $1 off coupon and rebate form. Free dinner and also money maker in Harris Teeter. Get ready this coupon for super doubing which should be week of 7/22 in HT. If they carry this product, coupon make it cheaper and you still get your rebate back on full price.

FREE Mocha Mondays

McDonald's is starting a new promotion "Free Mocha Mondays"! Every Monday from July 13th-August 3rd, McDonald's is giving away free mocha coffees (7 oz iced or 8 oz hot) from 7am-7pm!Be sure to stop in and get one!! I've tried them and love em'. Also, be sure to ask for a punch card. When you purchase so many, you get one for free as well.

July 10, 2009

Sunday newspaper preview 7/12

There is Sunday newspaper preview. Click HERE. Thanks Southernsavers.

Free Chiquita Bites coupons

Click HERE for coupons. Thanks Bargain Briana.

CVS deals 7/12

Girls we can roll over pretty good this week. Great ECB week. See more info on my favorite website click HERE. Thanks Southernsavers.

July 9, 2009

Free 6 samples of Taster Choice Coffee

Click HERE for your sample

Beach-Nut printable coupons

$10.50 coupons for Beach -Nut product click HERE. Thanks Baby Goodbyes.

Free Arbys till 7/12

Click for coupon HERE.

Thanks Timea

July 8, 2009

Free Sample of Fiber one plus $5 coupons

Click HERE for sample and coupons. Thanks www.frugalfreebiesanddeals.com

July 7, 2009

Great Target savings and how to get Kashi products cheaply

I paid today $3 for stuff worth of $24.50 Kashi products. You can do it as well. Easy, print two sets of coupons. Target coupon + manufacturing coupons. Thank you Yourcouponbuddy for all Target deals click HERE . You can find there all Kashi deals and coupons for this week. Only difference I didn’t use 4 - .50 Target cereals coupons, because I buy only 2 and get 2 Free. But is up to you.....If you will have trouble to print Target coupons you can come to http://www.target.com/ site or you can print them in Target store as well beside customer service.
A manufactured Kashi coupon is $1.50. Print cereals $1.50 from manufacturing + $.50 Target, Plus Target coupon Free Cereals. So 4 boxes of cereals are 2.66 each. After coupons is 1.32 for 4 boxes.
Waffles manufacture coupon is $1.5o + Target coupon is .25 off, so waffles will cost you .29 per box.
Finally soft cereals bar two boxes cost $5.You use 2 manufactures coupon $1.50 and one Target $1 off 2 boxes end up to be $1 for 2 boxes.
So you get 8 Kashi products for $3.
If you will have some trouble print coupons for above sites there are more sources, write me comments and I will sent you another.

Save 10% on Homedepot moving

July 6, 2009

Made Simple book Sign up

There is new Made simple book with $30 worth of coupons. I used them with doubles and triples and you have there also free rinse agent. Sign up HERE is worthy. Thanks Super Coupon Girl website.

July 5, 2009

FREE Shape Magazine 2 Years Subscribtion

Free Magazine for 2 years click HERE. Thanks Mimi's Jewel Box

July 4, 2009

Free Starbucks Ice Cream in HT

Free Starbucks Ice Cream in Harris Teeter. HT sell till Tuesday Starbucks Ice Cream for $1. If you print coupons from my coupon bar (under the title of my blog) $1 off easy math Ice Cream for FREE. I got it last week it was great. You can print also K Specials, Cheerious and other good coupons there. You can print 2 per computer.

$1 off Breyer's and Klondike Ice Cream

Use this when is Buy One Get One Free (BOGO)deal in grocery store and you get pretty cheap 2 boxes of Breyer's Ice Cream. Link for coupons is HERE. Thanks My Shopping Addition for post.
This week Bi-lo sell Breyer's for 1.98. So with this coupon you can get 2 boxes for $3.
Klondike is BOGO for $3.99. So if you buy 1 box (include 6 or 12 icecreams) you should pay $1. Enjoy summer!

July 3, 2009

Sunday newspaper preview 7/05

For Sunday newspaper preview click HERE.
Thanks www.southernsavers.com

Chick-Fil-A Free meal

Chick-Fil-A is offering a FREE meal from July 6-18 when you eat at Chick-Fil-A on July 4th and SAVE YOUR RECEIPT. Read more HERE
Thanks Mommy managing.

Kraft First Taste

Click Here

July 2, 2009

$55 in Nabisco coupons and rebates

Get (2) $20 mail in rebates and $15 in coupons from Nabisco and Kraft. Sing in up for free HERE.