July 7, 2009

Great Target savings and how to get Kashi products cheaply

I paid today $3 for stuff worth of $24.50 Kashi products. You can do it as well. Easy, print two sets of coupons. Target coupon + manufacturing coupons. Thank you Yourcouponbuddy for all Target deals click HERE . You can find there all Kashi deals and coupons for this week. Only difference I didn’t use 4 - .50 Target cereals coupons, because I buy only 2 and get 2 Free. But is up to you.....If you will have trouble to print Target coupons you can come to http://www.target.com/ site or you can print them in Target store as well beside customer service.
A manufactured Kashi coupon is $1.50. Print cereals $1.50 from manufacturing + $.50 Target, Plus Target coupon Free Cereals. So 4 boxes of cereals are 2.66 each. After coupons is 1.32 for 4 boxes.
Waffles manufacture coupon is $1.5o + Target coupon is .25 off, so waffles will cost you .29 per box.
Finally soft cereals bar two boxes cost $5.You use 2 manufactures coupon $1.50 and one Target $1 off 2 boxes end up to be $1 for 2 boxes.
So you get 8 Kashi products for $3.
If you will have some trouble print coupons for above sites there are more sources, write me comments and I will sent you another.

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