February 23, 2011

Fun Saturday for kids

This Saturday are two free events for kids. Lowes are building race car at 10 00am.

More info HERE.

All Target has reading stories with Dr. Seuss from 9 till 11 00.

More ifo HERE.
Have fun:)

February 22, 2011

Target awesome deal

Target has this week till Saturday great promotion. You buy any 7 frozen items (veggie, icecream, frozen juice..) and you get $5 giftcard in register. Also head out to Target website and on the bottom go to coupons print 1/4 target veggies and other coupons you may need. Also they have $5 off jeans coupon.
For couple of scenarios go to TotallyTarget.
Thanks for info Islandgirl mom from mommy forum.
A lot of veggie has expiration date at the end of the year, so think in long run how many you may need in future. What you save now will help in future:)
For example with that 1/4 coupon, if you buy 7 bags of target veggies you end up pay 0.17 per bag after giftcard.... So, that is really good price in my opinion.

February 17, 2011

HT GM deal buy 20 get $6 off - paid $1.35 saved $70

I paid $1.35 for this.
There is GM deal you buy 20 products and get 6 instant off. I am excited about Cheerios and veggies, other stuff just made me that deal go cheap.
So, if actually I count only that 20 product, I end up negative. Milk was .89 and Oreo cookies .50, tax 0.44.
So, all is depend which coupons you have and check you e-Vic coupons. I plant according that and that saved me $7.50.....

February 16, 2011

HT Super double paid $7

I am pretty happy with this Super Double, I little change my strategy. Now even I paid more i get stuff i use and like, instead of get stuff for free. How much more pasta we can eat right:)

Now I am working on scenario GM promotion buy 20 product get $6 instant.

Cooking cream gave me overage $3 . I got it on my e-vic coupons and got 1.50 coupons
I forgot on picture LandOLakes turkey breast was .89.

February 11, 2011

Lowes Clinic Music Box

Tomorrow at 10 00 am in Lowes kids will have fun. More info HERE.

February 9, 2011

Printable $1 off Orange Juice

There is good coupon for Orange Juice Simple Orange brand.
Next week is Super Double in HT so will be handy. You can get this juice in Walmart or Target for good price with this coupon.
Print HERE 2 coupons.

February 2, 2011

Deals in HT and Bi-lo

How you know my shopping stores are Bilo and Harris Teeter.
This week is good week in Bilo. You can get Flour Tortillas free, salsa for .34, Blue diamonds almonds for .67, Kraft singles for .50, Nabisco saltines .50, Turkey franks for 0.14, Casa fiesta chillies are free.
HT has Wacky Mack pasta for 0.02 cent if you have coupon from last Sunday. Also if you have Upromise account, they will give you 0.40 towards Education account.
All deals and match up coupons are on www.southernsavers.com