February 22, 2011

Target awesome deal

Target has this week till Saturday great promotion. You buy any 7 frozen items (veggie, icecream, frozen juice..) and you get $5 giftcard in register. Also head out to Target website and on the bottom go to coupons print 1/4 target veggies and other coupons you may need. Also they have $5 off jeans coupon.
For couple of scenarios go to TotallyTarget.
Thanks for info Islandgirl mom from mommy forum.
A lot of veggie has expiration date at the end of the year, so think in long run how many you may need in future. What you save now will help in future:)
For example with that 1/4 coupon, if you buy 7 bags of target veggies you end up pay 0.17 per bag after giftcard.... So, that is really good price in my opinion.


Anonymous said...

It's just not working for veggies, the 5$ coupon!

Lenka said...
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Lenka said...

Sorry to hear it.
It works in Charlotte. Tag said buy ANY frozen items. Ask customer service why it didnt work.