July 29, 2009

Why I save money?

I start this blog that you can also save some money and make money.

Why I save money?
1. I want to stay with my kids home that means live on one income. It is not always easy.
2. I love my family back in Slovakia, so I want to visit them as much as I can and air tickets for 4 people are expensive.
3. I would like to be debt free means; We want to pay our house loan as soon as we can. Any additional money you put in house loan per month help shortest your loan. I know you would think if is 30 years or 28 doesn’t make any different. It does. You pay at least 6% monthly additional money to somebody.

So this is my main reason for saving right now. All is about priority and goals. What is yours reason to save money?

I would like to update you monthly how much I saved on grocery. I have budget and to encourage myself I told myself that end of the year, what I save, I put to our loan for house.

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