June 22, 2011

Harris Teeter SD paid $4.90

Super Double start today. I went morning with kids and a lot of stuff was already missing.
So, this is what i come up with. Paid $4 plus 0.90 tax.
You can find printable coupon for this Super Double on Roxanna website Homemakingmom.
Other coupons I use were from Sunday paper. I order Danonino and Danimals coupon, because our area had coupon 1 on 2 product instead of one. Lauging Cow coupon I found in my Gym. Happy about Reynolds foils, we start to grill a lot, so it will come handy.
You can check it out, which paper contains what coupons on HCW database where you can enter name of coupon and it will tell you which insert it is. Really helpful tool it save you a lot of time to flip every paper you have.
How did you do this SD?

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Roxanna@Homemaking Mom said...

Hi Lenka! You did a fantastic job with your super doubles shopping! Thank you so much for directing your readers to my site for the printable coupons. There are so many great ones this time :)