February 21, 2010

Super double #4

I have to tell you little secret. If in HT is BOGO sell they don't let you to use 2 coupons in one transaction for 2 items. So, what I do, is to do two separate transaction and get both item the same time. But please, make sure you don't exceed number of coupons. Together still can not be more then 20, otherwise they will not double.

So, on the picture are two transaction and missing 2 Stonfield yogurt.

Yogurt I told you last time, gave me overage so I paid only 2.99 this time save around $45.....
Another great printable is Cole garlic bread for free. Coupon is .55 and small bread is on BOGO, so free. Here is the website http://www.coles.com/ go to promotion site.


Ande said...

Wow, you've gotta tell me how all this works! Is the secret the Sunday paper?

Lenka said...

I would said not too much. Maybe 50% but the other 50% are printable coupon. I think all this coupon crayziness is about to know your lowest price for items and then buy more whenever it hit that price.Plus used coupon in that "cheap time". Andy useful site is www.southernsavers.com everyweek you can see all the store specials with much up coupons so you know when you go to store what you buy and how much you pay for it.