May 18, 2011

HT spent 3.77 saved $59

Triples start today. I was in store where i have to take Do Not DOUBLE coupon out and they were already out of milk, rice and some other stuff. So, I come up with this.

Pretty happy about Wasa cracker (was on my e-vic) so gave me overage $1

Love dried prunes for free and .85 for no preservatives one.

Kids wants to buy bandages, so well .50 per pack is ok price.

Oil was .75 and Luigi ice cream .24. If you buy it inside the pack is another coupon for .50 off.

How did you do in HT?


Roxanna@Homemaking Mom said...

Hi Lenka! You had an awesome shopping trip!!! We got many of the same items and spent/saved very similar amounts. Here is my trip from today:

I have a link up at the bottom of my post shown above so you can link up your shopping trip if you would like. Thanks!

Lenka said...

Roxanna you got great trip like always. I love to see all that picture and get inspiration. Graet thank you for comment.