October 23, 2011

HT till Tuesday eggs for 0.14

If you plant to shop in Harris Teeter this week, they have couple of good deals.

You can get Davison Safest Choice Eggs for 0.14. They are BOGO, so you can print two coupons and buy two cartons. In case they are out even better get Raincheck and you can use it whenever you need eggs. Print coupon HERE.

Also HT has Buy 2 get 3 Del Monte corn and green beans cans. If you buy 10 cans, you pay for 4 cans $5.50 and in register it will get $2 instant off, so means you pay $3.50 for 10 cans veggies. If you don't need them, donate them, our church pantry love to have cans veggies.

Blue Diamond almond are BOGO they are for 2.99. Also Blue Almond crackers are BOGO for 3.49. In HT flayer is information about catalina, which print for you after it print your receipt. So, if you have 1/2 coupon for can of almonds and 1/2 crackers (two or three weeks ago newspaper) you can get all this for $4.50 and it will print $4 back. ( I buy natural almond and it works as well, so looks like catalina print of on different kinds as well.)

If they are out, get raincheck and looks like it is going to be super double first week of November, so you get it even cheaper. Catalina will print till November 6.

If you have some questions, please write me comment I will be happy to help.

Have bless Sunday

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