October 12, 2011

Bi-lo, HT, Target deals week 10/12

Lately, I feel like it is hard to find some good deal on anything. So, lets share what we all find in groceries stores.
Bi-lo: Today i sign for e-coupons on their website. I like e-coupons in HT because you can combine it with normal coupon. I want to buy Gogo yougurt natural for kids they are 2/4 There is 0.75 and 0.50 e-coupon so pair it with 0.85 /2, so total should be $1.10 for two boxes.
Also Bratch candies are $1 should be free with 0.50 coupon from newspaper. Hersley snack size candies are $3 and e-vic is $1 off plus if you have some candies coupons will be ok deal.
In HT e-vic coupon is 1 off swanson broth plus there is coupon in Sunday paper for $1 so it will be 0.50 for bigger box of chicken broth. HT has feta cheese and HT shredded BOGO. Also Wolfgang Puck pasta sause is 2.99. So, with last Sunday coupon plus evic coupon will cost 0.99.
I want to try today in Target scenario, which Homemakingmom tried. Need to go Target anyway, so why not get some stuff for free. Here is LINK.
So, my weekly shoping will be in Aldi for produce and Target for the rest this week.
Let me know if you find something interesting this week.

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Lenka said...

Deer Park water works great, they were out of listerine, but I buy some Halloween Candies with coupons, so all over good Target trip. Bi-lo doesnt have Bratch candy for free, but e-coupons for yougurt took off correctly.