March 7, 2010

Earthafe great experience

So I did it. Came there with "junk" and they give me healthy stuff for free. I got things wort of $30 for FREE. Not even tax was paid. Of course you can not resist, not to buy some stuff in this kind of store. All the bulk and apple cider just smile at you and asking you to take it home. So, print coupon I mention last week and sign up for their newsletter on Earthfare page print another coupon for pantry makeover and head it out to store. Bring your dressing, peanut butter, jelly, cereals, can of coke or some soda and get replacement for their brand. It could be half empty they don't care they will put it in trash anyway. (mineral water is not on picture)Great experience, really helpful stuff.
If nothing else just get fresh pound of coffee and granola that alone is worth of $15. This coupon expire 3/9. Pantry challenge coupon doesn't expire, so you can do it anytime when you sign up. Earthfare do every week special free items, if you have this store close good for you.


Timea said...

GREAT JOB LENKA! -THANKS FOR SHARING ~ I DID IT TOO!!! it was awesome to take home a bag of appple, bag of potatos, granola,peanut butter, dressing, jelly, vitamin water and 2 chobani yogurts for 1.64!!!

Lenka said...

i am glad it works. Great deal