March 26, 2010

HT triple trip

So, who follow me on my HT triple trips know, that i have 12.50 to spent from last transaction. So, here is how i did. I saved 35 spend 11.
There is nothing that much excite me anymore in HT. So I need my Nescafee what cost me 7 and Tropicana with BOGO coupons was great deal (thanks Magda for coupon). Other stuff is still what you can get really cheap this week in HT with right coupons. So I spend total 12 on 3 HT trips (I got one more paid 1.30), so 3 trips cost me 12. If I dont couponing, I will pay that much for coffee and 1 tropicana.
Don't forgot check your e-Vic email alert , they send me another e-Vic special which will be free product. I have Ball Hod dogs for 99 limit two, so with coupon .75/2 you can have two hod dogs bags for free.
Have great weekend, whatever you doing shopping, gardening, relaxing .

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