January 8, 2011

Salat, breaders and chicken - Cheap

If you have Bilo and Harris Teeter close how I do, you should stop buy for some deals. It last till Tuesday night.
You probably know about Super double coupons in HT. They also have good deal on chicken breast. It is Buy 1 Get 2 deal. So, you don't need to buy all 3 packs but just one and it will ring 1/3 of price. It means you paid around 3 bucks for 3 breast of chicken.
In Bi-lo they have Bagged Spinach Buy 1 Get 1. So, if you buy two bags use two .55 coupons HERE (which double) you end up paying .40 cents for 2 bags of fresh Spinach.
Also, there is THIS coupon for .50 off Breading stuff in oven which end up cost 0.05. You can get two of them as well. They are BOGO and use two coupons so you get breadcrumbs for .10 cents.
If you put all this cheap stuff together, you can make good dinner. Breaded chicken in oven with spinach salad.
If you don't use all that spinach, chopped and freeze. Use on homemade pizza, soups, spinach dip.

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