April 30, 2010

Mexical Food free in HT

OK, here is the deal for everybody. Specially for people who never coupon. Just give you idea and feeling, how nice it is for minimum efforts take 3 useful thing from store for free. You don't need newspaper coupon, just print one from computer. OK, go HERE to print 2 coupons of .75 Mission Tortillas, just click on Mission (even it will show you that is Kroger coupons, when you print is normal manufacture coupon). So, if you go to Harris Teeter, get 2 Mission tortillas for 1.50 each (be careful some of them are more) and beside that is display that if you buy 2, HT give you free Harris Teeter Salsa. So, take this Salsa is price I think 1.97.
Go to register, let them scan first 2 tortillas and then salsa give them 2 coupons and at the end salsa come off automatically, so you should pay around .10 for tax. ( Don't know exactly how much was tax because i did with other shopping)
If you like this game, you can also find free low sodium shredded cheese as well with coupon .75 Sargento cheese. So print 2 of them as well from HERE.
Enjoy your Mexican Fiesta for free. My picture of trip number 2 is coming and also include this Mission tortillas and Salsa. If you have some question please let me know.

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