April 28, 2010

HT triples trip 1

I was in Lowes food yesterday got 10 things for $1 so here is my HT trip this morning.
I saved $42.78 in coupons $18.50 paid $2.11. If you going to use Palmolive coupon .70 from last Sunday newspaper, be aware for some reason will not double or triple so my total was higher and I go to CS to adjust that they paid me back. That is another tip for couponing, make sure you look at the prices make math in head or calculator how much you should pay. Then is easier figured out what was wrong according my math, I should paid 1 dollar something but with kids I am not going to argue about 1 dollar if I got from store 20 items worth of $60.....
I will post it picture tonight.
How did you do?

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