April 29, 2010

Bi-lo trip no triple, but great

I was yesterday in BI-lo, finally make my plan trip.
Before couponing Bi-lo, was my store. Me and my husband (without kids) spent usually around $100 per week and I was happy about that.......
I never used to Walmart or Target for food shopping. For me it was so giant store for grocery, so it takes me one time 2 hours to shop and I told myself never again. Last year, when I start use coupons, I remember I look my receipt and it said, you save 8 dollars in coupons and paid 80. That was great feeling that time.
After year of doing it, my receipt yesterday said you saved 60 and paid 4 (paid 19 but I bought 15 giftcard Bi-lo )
Is not always about triples and doubles is about thinking your "strategy".
I have 2 raincheck, order coupons from seller for frozen veggie and tuna and use $10 of 50 from Citi pass book. So, if you combine all together will give you great result. That is another tip, be smart for your shopping, try to get coupons for product your family use it not visa verse. Get stuff because you have coupon for it.
I will posted picture form this trip later.
Also if you want to start couponing this week in HT, I have for you tip for free 2 mission tortillas and one Salsa. Stay tune.

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