April 28, 2010

HT trip - picture

So, here is picture. How I mention I did 2 separate transition, but still use 20 coupons. Because of Farm Rich, Palmolive is BOGO, so do it separately. Also Annie Natural Macaronni and cheese I can use only 3 coupon per order. I love this product is All Natural and Organic great with mixed veggie. So total was $2.11.

If somebody like that I will post it how much is item and which coupon you use let me know, I can help you with that.

Pretty much all was free just Starbucks Ice cream .25, Planters Bars .25 each, Green Giant 0.09, Pillsbury Crescent rolls 0.o9.
On picture you can not see 2 Chocolate milk and another yogurt.


J&J said...

What about the Palmolive? How much was it? Do you know which insert the coupon came from?


Lenka said...

Yes Palmolive was BOGO 3.49 SO with coupon was free. COupon is from last Sunday newspaper .70 on any palmolive. It is big bottle.