January 7, 2010

HT trip number two - picture

So, trip 2. Jamie love K'special so, this deal is great, free cereals and bars. And you know me, if I have coupons, I will use them. This trip 20 coupons paid $15 saved $74. Technically, I should paid only $11. They ring it up vitamins not BOGO, but full price. That is my another advice for new couponers. Always check your recipes after you done. You can return the items to the store anytime, as long as, you have recipe. In HT I got here, I have always some issue. Specially on produce. They ring it up always wrong. One point in summer, I told myself, I stop buying produce in HT. I was tired to go always to customer service with, for example 2 peaches, which I should pay $1.45 and it was $6.99. I know, it is couple of dollar, but that is not the price I wanted to buy this for.
Bread was $1.17
Organic milk $2
5 Juices $5.5o
Vitamins (unfortunately $7)
Elactrosol .50
Other stuff was free.....

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