January 6, 2010

HT Super double picture -1

It is always so stress to shop with two small kids. Today suprisly it went well.

Craft promotion didn't work for me, I return cheeses. I didn't bather return Cream cheese because I have coupon with jello on so, it will be confusion for the girl.... Oh well still good trip.

I paid $4.91 and saved on coupons $54.
I paid for pizza $1.59
Elactrosol .50
Cream cheese , 2 jellos .4o
Organic whipped cream .19
Other was free and taxes ....

Write me in comments, how did you do and what works and doesn't......


Anonymous said...

Lenka - The Target $5.00 off 4 Kellogg's cereal worked! So with the additional $5.00 off at check out they ended up being totally free. I saved $51.50 today with coupons.
~ Katrina

Lenka said...

Great job Katrina.Good to know.Thank you

Anonymous said...

I spent $8.10 and got the 3 bar pack Ivory soap, 2 boxes of Uncle Ben's Rice, and 3 Lysol Cleaning Wipes containers all free! What I paid for was 6 boxes of Rice A Roni, 3 ketchups (small ones), 3 boxes of bandaids, 3 Johnson and Johnson Baby Powders, 1 32oz container of yougart.

Lenka said...

great job.
there is new printable for kraft 1 on 2 it will go great with kraft promotions if your store do it. go to http://bricks.coupons.com/Start.asp?tqnm=zadueug4639798&bt=vi&o=60715&c=KR&p=EYWMzvf2

Lenka said...

Sorry, here is the link http://cincinnaticents.blogspot.com/2010/01/new-kraft-cheese-printable-coupon.html#comment-form