June 22, 2009

Super double in Harris Teeter 6/22

There is going to be super double coupons in Harris Teeter this week. What does it mean? It means that coupons up to value 1.98 will double. So if you have coupon for 1.50 it will double to $3 off. There are list of stuff what will be free and what will cost just couple of cents. Who is new in couponing and don’t have newspapers you can still have free stuff just print your coupons in underline links in forum. Here is LINK
Www.hotcouponworld.com is forum, where you can find so many interesting things. So from this list for people without newspaper you can get this stuff free:Dannon Activia, Jack Daniels BBQ Sauce click HERE for coupon,
Cheap stuff: Feta cheese .69, Organic Basmati rice .59, La Brea French/Wheat Baguettes .90 for 2.
Tomorrow is official list what will be on sale so go to Harris Teeter website and check it out. Also on http://www.southernsavers.com/ you can find all specials for Harris Teeter and Bi-lo and other stores. That website is awesome.

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