June 19, 2009

How much I paid for 5 bags of Kraft cheese?

NOTHING they paid me back for buying it.
In Harris Teeter is promotion Buy 5 bags of Kraft cheese 2% [chunk or shredded] and get 4 dollars back towards your next purchase. In addition, there are coupons beside the cheese for .5o off Kraft cheese. Harris Teeter double coupons.
So easy math cheese is for 1.47 a bag. You buy 5 bags for 7.35. You have 5 coupons .50 off Makes 5 dollars off. So you paid 2.35 for 5 bags of cheese and get print Catalina coupon 4 dollars off your next purchase.
That means you can buy milk or whatever you want with this coupon either the same day. There are still coupons in our Harris Teeter and this deal should be good till 6/23. Even you don’t have coupons is still good deal buy 5 bags for 7.35 and get 4 dollars back. But free is free.
Thank you Timea.

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