January 15, 2012

Start again - Haris Teeter deals

Hello, sorry for long break. My blog wasn't working properly, but all is fix, so lets start save money again.
If you don't see new post here, you can still find on right site on my blog are blogs with great posting updating everyday.
This week is great in HT. A lot of deal are on Southernsavers or on Homemakingmom. Deals are till Tuesday 17Th.
Highlights: Starkist Tuna FREE with facebook pirntable or newspaper coupon
Colgate toothpaste FREE with 0.75 from newspaper
Colgate toothbrush FREE with 0.75 from newspaper
There is HT promotion if you buy 5 particular Cereals you get them for $1.97 and if you pared them with coupons and e-vic specials you might end up with cereals around 0.40.
Kleenex tissue 0.29 with 0.50 coupons
Gogo Yougurts (love that Simple one, no articial colors and no corn syrup, i only see this kind in HT) there is printable 0.85/2 and if you have 0.75 on your E-vic great saving.
A lot of snacks are on great price with BOGO sells plus coupons. Just take moments look up deal see which kind of coupons you have and start saving. If you want to challenge yourself with new healthy recipe try Tofu. You can get it in HT this week FREE:) Print coupon twice HERE. Happy saving!

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