August 5, 2010

Kellogs super deal in HT

So, whole this week (till Tuesday), you can score great deal on Kellogs, Eggos, Kebbler Catalina deal. If you buy 10 product you get $10 back. If you get good coupon, you can make this into money maker. I did one transaction (first picture) paid $7 get back $10. So pretty much, they paid me $3 to take 10 products home. Second transaction I combine with coupon $5 on $30 which you can find in HT weekly ads in store. Only problem with this coupon is, you have to spend $30 after all coupons. (It is funny how is hard nowadays spend $30 in one shopping trip....)
I buy again 10 kellogs products, plus have raincheck for diapers and other coupons for the other stuff. So, my total was $25 and I get again $10 back in Catalina for next purchase. I plant to roll this deal again on Monday. This Sunday will be good 2 coupons for this deal, so I will buy newspaper and make the scenario again.
If I only count separate 2 transaction for Kellogs I paid $7 and get $10 and second paid $12 and get $10. So, I got paid $1 to take 20 product home. (I will sell poptarts on yard sale as well, so another money.) Total for all this on pictures I paid total $22. If I dont couponing, I will paid $22 for 2 packs of diaper and one pack of toilet paper.....Second transation receipt savings was $79(coupons with vic savings)
Please notes that we are not going to eat all week only poptarts and Eggo waffles. This is my stockpile shopping.( I don't need this stuff right now, for example diapers, but will be handy lately.)
Go to under HT check the prices in store and do your scenario what you want to get and which coupon you have. You can roll it how many times you want to. Next Tuesday is Super Double. If you have some questin, will be happy to answer.
Also dont forget grab some peaches they are local and this is the bottom price this summer. I am thinking to buy more and make jelly...

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