July 14, 2010

How to find great deals?

A lot of people ask me, how you can save that much? Are there useful website? Yes there are! There are ordinary people with fantastic blogs. I create for you blogroll on my site with the best savingsblogs. It is on you right hand. They are great website and topics which update automatically, when person posted new article. It will take you just few minutes look trough them and see if you find some deal for you. You don't need to visit each of them individually.
You save a lot of time because these people finding deals for you, you just read it and do it:) That is, how I do my deals. So come visit blogroll on Savingsblogs, Southernsavers website and sign up for emails from Harris Teeter, Food Lion and Bi-lo with weekly specials and you will save a lot.
One more really useful website is Hotcouponworld.com but is little difficult to use at the beginning.
Next week is going to start triple in Harris Teeter.

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